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ziggy784 - 456 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

We are at the FORK in the Road where the people bend over and take it up the ass by their Herd Managers where the end result is the END of their DNA and forwarding the Gene Pool,because they were bred into COWARDS and Non Critical Thinkers,and Useless Eaters that deserve to be Eliminated from the future.5-G will be the Extermination of man and many in the animal kingdom WHEN the Bee Colonies Collapse and pollenization ceases to occur.
Mankind is Ruled Over by Criminal Lunatics on a Crash Extintion Level Event Trajectory and are too fucking Ignorant to see their final outcome.
The other Fork to the future is the People Rise up and seek out the Creators of the Problems,stone them with rocks,soak them down with gasoline and set them ablaze without mercy.

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pofh 3 months ago

The sheep and goats are being separated. The devil does nothing, he gets human beings to do his will, his crimes: those who are willing such as these people who will all spend eternity in Hell: they work for Lucifer. Then there are those who do the will of Godand speak the truth. The final judgement is coming very soon. Those who do the will of the devil and those who serve God abd do his will. A better world is coming for the children of God and the worst possible world is coming for those who serve and do the will of the evil one. Time is short.

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reveighteentwentythree 4 months ago

Last video do you believe him? He is a liar. Dont post his videos id suggest

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