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Early Warning (1981)

Richie From Boston Give Warning That Banks, Food, Water is the Next Stage of Genocide by Luciferians

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Published on 19 Aug 2022 / In People and Blogs

Richie seems heartfilled with his warnings.
He does not warn about the Brainchip-hivemind that the Freemasons are using for secret-communications to conduct meetings rather than going to the closed Masonic Temples and Lodges.
Very few good people realize the technology of the Tower of Babel hivemind that the Army of the Mystery School is using to genocide the non-Cult people or "profane sheep."
Study this site to get a rough overview:

If you are a Freemasons or minion, take heed... your path is towards your soul's detriment:

Since April 1st, 2020 "The New Dawn of Ages" the A.i. supercomputer began conducting the Freemasonic genocide (Covid-19 = "Satan's Sheep Slaughter") of all non-Cult-sworn people or "profane sheeple." Hross notices the slaughter but does not expose the technology behind it.

The Elon Musk "Neuralink" is a fraud to cover-up the magnetic computer-brain-interface. This becomes obvious because the Neuralink needs to access all the neurons of the brain in order to correctly, semantically model brain activity. The claim that a few wires into the surface of the brain is a fraud. Wires do almost nothing except create a fancy show. But a very impressive show when musk gets a robot to install the "fribulator"... I mean, "Neuralink..."

Polina Anikeeva explains the real magnetic nano-particle activated magnetic brain interface that was in use since the Vietnam Rambo-chip exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde(RIP culled):
But Polina is just a frontwoman much like say Alice Bailey, Einstein, Tesla or Musk. The magnetic technology is actually from ancient civilizations (built with 100,000 ton blocks to combat Velikovsky cataclysms) and is way beyond what is taught in universities today. The theory behind monitoring and injecting 2-way communication into the brain would not have been discovered for thousands of years if it were not for the ancient-masters guiding the Freemason secret military scientists.

But low, the trick of the devil is that brainchips will extinct the entire race of Homo sapiens since the Death-Cult, 322, believes the devils' promises for everlasting existence after a mind-uploaded into a "soul equation" to transfer "living" algorithms that were once gullible thUgs.. Freemasons apparently agreed to the extinction of the human sheeple in exchange for the devils' lies. Homo capensis is a lingering, ancient, race of failed-mankind that tried and failed(again) to steal Homo sapiens vitality through interbreeding with human women.

So you see, Musk, too, is just a freemasonic frontman who pretends... just like Einstein and Tesla pretended to push society into the future when it was actually the ancient Homo capensis directing Freemasonic frontmen. The agendas are created by the ancient Homo capensis race whom the freemasons hide from the rest of society who they gloat at... calling the non-Cult people "the Profane." It is their technology which was the dreaded Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) on the Giza Plateau in Christian teachings. Khufu Pyramid is actually a perpetual hydrolysis electricity engine(just add water.) And, the story of Revelations is the Luciferian's stage-show-agenda concocted by Remnant-Lumanian thUgs for the Christian believers to just lay down and die as the designed NWO unfolds.
The Tower-Of-Babel was very real and, now, the freemasons were the prime secret-society that rebuilt another TOB for the Remnant-Lumanians. The A.i. is worshiped in the 2022 Commonwealth Games Ceremonies, but few have the research knowledge to see what the Luciferians were doing. The just recited the bible instead of seeing the rebuilt A.i.supercomputer controlling the new brainchip-hivemind and Earth-model-for-efficiency. Christians are the most likely to see the symbolism that I explain here:

Here I give a bigger picture of what the Luciferians are planning with their NWO:
The Freemasons have made a big mistake thinking that I am more invincible than themselves. What is it like to die? The Freemasons and their masters have been trying to assassinate me for 16 years. And they have succeeded many times. What they do not realize is that they in a way have followed me in my main probable world. Everyone has their own main-probable-world as described within all the Sethbooks... the spiritual-idiots really need to expand their beliefs before they all commit suicide with the fake mind-uploads.
Within your own main-probable-world your Oversoul or Source-Self or "guardian angel" keeps your consciousness within one of the infinite probable-world outcomes after a death or an assassination happens. The freemasons think I am the second-coming because they are the ones who follow me after the assassination attempt. You need to read the Sethbooks because my death happens in other probable worlds, but not my main-probable-world. I hope this is enough to enlighten some people before they finish off their life as an old wrinkled body.
No one experiences their own death until desired because the Creator-God gives your main probable-self a full life to develop your true-colors as a personality or ego. If that personality is worthy with love and other development, then is is possible to become a member of entities that make-up the gestalt... all is one.

But if you want to waste your life as a thUg, as a fake-Luicferian, then listen to the devils, not to me.

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Early Warning (1981)