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Restart The Economy - CPC Leadership Race

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Published on 13 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Our leaders must begin planning to reopen the economy. Families depend on it

In recent weeks, Washington has failed Main Street yet again with its heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all approach to stopping the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, of course we should listen to health experts and continue to engage in social distancing and other safe practices: It’s our duty to our fellow Americans, especially the most vulnerable.

However, this duty is offset by another: that, as both producers and consumers, we have an obligation to our economy and the hundreds of millions who rely on it. We have a duty to the small-business owners and recently laid-off workers across the country. We need to begin a responsible conversation as to when and how we begin to reopen the economy. There is a time for caution and self-imposed isolation, but it must be a finite and time-limited measure.

Soon enough, the economy must once again be open for business.


With Conservative leadership race officially suspended, candidates campaign in grey area of rules

Officially, the Conservative leadership race is suspended. Unofficially, the campaigning continues from all four candidates on the final ballot, but now in a bizarre grey area of rules and recommendations.

Virtual forums are still being organized. Email blasts are still going out. Fundraising is still happening, though more quietly. And although party officials have occasionally asked campaigns to tone it down a little, it appears unlikely there will be any sanctions for campaigning.

“(Party officials) told us that we could continue to email, though they would prefer we not,” said an organizer with one campaign, speaking on background to discuss internal matters. “But they said there was no way to police a no-campaigning rule, which was absolutely right. I mean, two of the candidates are sitting MPs.”

With Conservative leadership race officially suspended, candidates campaign in grey area of rules
After 9/11, we gave up privacy for security. Will we make the same trade-off after Covid-19?

By tapping into people’s phones and medical records, researchers and public health authorities are hoping to more swiftly identify and isolate potentially infected patients and corral a pandemic that is outrunning them despite unprecedented restrictions on daily life.


How Much Liberty Must We Give Up?

Benjamin Franklin once said that “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” But what would Franklin have given up to secure a lot of permanent safety – to stop a highly lethal microbe that has already killed thousands of people? Like so much else in our world, his maxim now faces a severe test from the coronavirus.[1]

To save lives, all but eight states have already imposed aggressive measures almost never utilized outside wartime. As the death toll climbs, more severe measures may be on the way. Several prominent voices have now advocated imposition of a nationwide lockdown. A noted progressive legal academic even suggested such measures should be immune from judicial oversight. And the Justice Department has proposed that Congress grant it draconian emergency powers.


Woman who lived as ‘man’ for 11 years begs Canadian politicians to not ban therapy that healed her

A woman who lived as a man for eleven years before receiving healing has delivered a powerful and direct message to Canadian senators, urging them to vote no to a bill which would make it illegal to advertise or profit from “conversion therapy” aimed at helping LGBT people overcome unwanted sexual conditions.


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