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REPOST, LAST ONE HAD NO SOUND: CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths.mp4

Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby - 251 Views
Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

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RayCane 1 month ago

Birx said they would be "liberal" in determining causes of death during the scamdemic... and one of her daughters works for Gates.

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Nancy Simmons
Nancy Simmons 1 month ago

Thank you Ms. Linda LIEING about REAL cause of death for extra money from our tax dollars. Love you

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Linda Kirby
Linda Kirby 1 month ago

Thank you, Nancy, for telling me the other video had no sound. 86 people watched and you were the only one who told me!! Thank you.

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