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Removing Soul Damage

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 29 Jan 2023 / In Spiritual

An alcoholic will never seek help until he can first admit that he has a problem. It is the same with soul damage as most people don't even know their soul can be damaged by sin and abuse from parents, siblings and other people in their life.

Nevertheless, spiritual wounds will make your body sick and unable to function properly in the kingdom of God. One way that soul damage will manifest itself is in uncontrollable anger that flares up for seemingly no reason.

Demons of anger will attract spirits of offense, unforgiveness, bitterness, hate and revenge. These evil spirits will zealously guard any soul damage in order to make sure that healing doesn't take place. This means that before a soul can be healed, all demons must first be cast out.

The modern church can't help because it denies or downplays the role and power of the demonic world. The good news is that Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and to set at liberty them that are bruised. Divine healing of the soul will only come about when the satanic road blocks have been removed.

So if you're struggling with a wounded soul, you don't have to finish your life that way. Jesus promised an abundant life; you can be healed and set free. The choice is yours.
Sermon Outline:

Sickness & Soul Damage Part 3: Removing Soul Damage RLJ-1446 -- JUNE 1, 2014

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