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Refuse Vaccine? Entire Village Has Electricity Cut Off as Punishment

David Knight
David Knight - 1,125 Views
Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

And to get peer pressure applied by the refusers’ neighbors. Get ready for this type of strategy everywhere

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Lothar 900
Lothar 900 8 days ago

hello mr. David Knight I think the story can even go deeper than that. as I am a Canadian and live in Manitoba. are premier has issued new vaccine cards but look like a credit card. It looks like the grocery stores will only Grant you access with this card in the near future. You'll probably need to show the card when you enter the store. And when you cash yourself out or use a cashier. they're holding back the food from us very soon. Those who do not want to take the vaccine will starve to death. the future of Canadians looks like a disaster Zone. that we only get access by using this card proving that we've been vaccinated twice. I produced a video on the same platform. Explaining their agenda in a very dark Manor. it's still my belief that they are giving each person H.I.V the or the AIDS virus in these vaccines. that would kill off half the population in a matter of years. many Canadians are not taking the vaccine. I will not be taking that vaccine they don't have my consent. but once they hold the food the gasoline the transportation from the people. they will line up in droves to get vaccinated. maybe my theory might be a little different. but it's still my belief that we should be testing. the vaccinated if they have the AIDS virus in them. maybe even get a few volunteers. to test out my theory that the vaccine contains the h i v or the AIDS virus variants. remember Bill Gates speech that he said the world's population is growing too fast and we need to reduce it. the only way to reduce it that fast by 2030 is infect the whole population who's been vaccinated. that would make a guarantee after two doses that you would get the AIDS variance. I hope you can bring this topic up on your show. because I no longer have a voice to speak out. father's blessings may God protect you and your family.

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songwriter50 9 days ago

practice saying HEIL, unless you get off your ass organize and say not in my world . JAMUS

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RaspberryRed 9 days ago

David, you have a gift in gleaning information and distilling it down in a way that’s comprehensible for the average citizen.

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Boetie 9 days ago

Modi is a tyrant. He should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity. The vaccines are killing millions of people in India.

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