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Red Pilling Normies Pt 1: 5 Things They Need to Know

Nutnfancy - 112,209 Views
Published on 18 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

This video is intended to wake up, to some degree, normies. This is the huge group of people who really don't pay attention to politics and probably voted for Biden thinking they were doing the right thing. I only choose 5 things to talk about in this special UGETube only 2 part TNP series and we'll get real!

Viewer links to support these points:
Results of Biden immigration policy: 2013 Smith-Mundt Act, propaganda now allowed in the U.S. against U.S. Citizens
2012 Democrat pollster Pat Caddell says the media have become an enemy of the American people

Update 30 March by Nutnfancy Actual: Please note: We are in a cultural war. Lefty commenters who call you out and try to gaslight you are "combatants." If you are a true Constitutional Conservative, don't be afraid to comment accordingly, rail, don't hold back. They de-humanize us, calling us "conspiracy far right," "radicals," and "QAnon" "nazis," just like I address in these videos. Some commenters are "ConservaLeftists" and "FalseFlagNormies" (Leftists who say they aren't), they support the acidic cultural decay and attacks on your freedom we see today. They try to gaslight you/me with the passive aggressive statements like "Nutn, you've changed, I used to like you, but now I can't watch..." attack. They will not accept my refusal to accept Culural Marxism as they do. The ideas presented here are consistent throughout TNP since 2008; it's just these brainwashed people have no rudder in life, no way to discern our current, dangerous reality. This "you've changed" criticism is designed to shut me up, support the current Marxism in this country, and not make any more videos like this. Some are even tactical gun owners! You'll see me below destroying them in comment and I recommend you do the same. Stand up for our Constitution, for goodness and, this God based nation we've inherited, be warriors for Good!

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jhartley 6 months ago

I got started watching your channel because I was into survival knives and survival methods. Over the years I have truly enjoyed your content and have really been enjoying your political commentary! I'm brand new to Ugetube because I just came here to follow you when I realized you had content here that wasn't elsewhere. Keep up the good work and God bless our country.

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c0nditi0n_0 7 months ago

Nuntnfancy, you are speaking what vast numbers are already thinking. Thank you sir.

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Cult Leader
Cult Leader 9 months ago

Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with the values of the Left if they kept them to themselves. If they had their own private communities where they had their values, their communism, their non-traditional families, etc., that'd be fine. If they kept to themselves and did not force their views on you and your kids, that'd be fine. ...but they don't do that. Instead they seek governmental power, media power, and they use this as a weapon against you. They use mandated functions to force this nonsense down your throat, abuse you with it, and attack you if you disagree and dislike it. If their views and ideas were voluntary and non-coercive I'd fully support them! But they aren't. Their views are mandatory. Their views are pushed on us. Their views seep into the government because these Leftists get into government, get into the courts, get into positions of power, then use that power to abuse us with their mandated ideology. So never let them claim they are anything but Red Fascists. They are tyrants. They are evil.

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wildtex 10 months ago

This is Pure Americana. So good to hear you talk about being a strong Father. What a powerful message. My wife and kids are depending on me to be a good leader and a strong pillar in the community.

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chibicascade 1 year ago

for all the criticism you give "the Left", you seem to ignore when republicans do the same thing. trump was guilty of using money to persuade political rivals and others who opposed him. Trump came down hard on protestors whether peaceful or not.

You also ignore that "the Left" ranges from full-on communism to centrists. there are plenty of people just right of center that voted democrat this last time due to Trump's character. there's plenty of moderate democrats that support some ideas, like holding police more accountable, but don't align with BLM the organization. if you can't see the nuance on the left, how is anyone supposed to take your word that you are a moderate (not far-right) conservative? your criticism is of the far-left communist leaning folks, not the average Democrat.

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