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REAL MAGIC | Effective Methods To Influence The Quantum Realm (Unlock Synchronicities)

The Human Collective
Published on 12 Nov 2022 / In Science

In this video we'll go over Dean Radin Ph.D guide to welding real magic, ones ability to manipulate the quantum with a trained mind and a disciplined practice, in order to manifest reality as one desires.


Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.

The essence of magic boils down to the application of two ordinary mental skills: attention and intention. The strength of the magical outcome is modulatedby four factors: belief, imagination, emotion, and clarity. That’s basically it.
The ceremonial robes, somber settings, black candles, secret handshakes, chanting in ancient languages, sex, and drugs—all are good theater, which may help in withdrawing the mind from the distractions of the mundane world. But ultimately, they’re unnecessary.

The single most important aide to developing magical skills is to learn how to enter the state of consciousness known as gnosis. The time-honored and safest way to do this is through meditation.

It’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll become the legendary Merlin after lighting a candle and practicing meditation for five minutes. Throwing “battle magic” lightning bolts from your fingertips looks great in the movies, but for the majority of us magic is expressed in subtle ways. Performing potent magic, like any refined skill, requires talent and disciplined practice.

Perhaps you are the one in a million who’s gifted with strong natural talent. If so, you’ll be able to achieve dramatic effects fairly quickly. But the rest of us have to work at it. Fortunately, nearly anyone who’s able to follow instructions and is serious about practicing can perform some degree of magic because— according to the esoteric worldview—whether you know it or not, within you there’s a spark of the same source that manifests the entire universe.

Force-of-will magic involves the application of focused attention, intention, imagination, and belief. It’s preposterously simple, but many claim that it works. We’ll use a slightly elaborated example from the appropriately entitled book It Works!

This book provides a prime example of “writing magic,” one of the earliest forms of magical practice. The four steps are as follows:

1. Know what you want. The clearer the intended goal, the more likely it will manifest. Believe that the goal will be achieved. Imagine that it has already been achieved in the future and it is inexorably headed your way. Write the goal on a piece of paper to focus your attention. Use a pen and paper exclusively reserved for this purpose. While writing, imagine that the surface of the paper represents Universal Consciousness and the ink
represents your unconscious.6 As you write your goal, imagine that you are casting your unconscious intentions onto the medium that creates and sustains reality itself.

2. Review what you want. Review your goal daily. Between reviews do not dwell on it. You want to strengthen your intention and keep it clear, but you also want to allow the goal to seep into your unconscious, because that’s where magic is catalyzed. You may want to secure the writing paper with a special ribbon or place it in a box set aside specifically for this purpose.
3. Maintain secrecy. Don’t share your goal with others; they may inject doubt, and you need to maintain strong belief.

4. When it works, accept the outcome with gratitude and use it to strengthen your belief.
This method, like any form of magical manifestation, is neutral with respect to morals or ethics. However, virtue is its own reward, and it’s useful to keep in mind Spider-Man’s motto: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This means it would be morally questionable to use this technique to influence someone else, even in a way that you would consider to be positive, without that person’s permission.

In addition, from a pragmatic perspective it is useful to begin with simple, easily measurable outcomes, like finding a small amount of money or achieving a modest goal. Avoid jumping straight away into grandiose schemes like world peace, not because it wouldn’t work (at least in principle) but because gaining crystal clarity on what an accomplishment of that type of goal would mean, and how one would know if it happened, isn’t as simple as it may seem.

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