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RCMP officers give man two $1296 tickets. One for attending a protest and one for attending a church service on 11-23-2020 in Canada, this needs to go VIRAL

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 335 Views
Published on 24 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation

WOW listen to this... Insanity ....this is in MB

- in Steinbach flanked by 2 RCMP officers and gave him two $1296 tickets. One for attending a protest and one for attending a church service yesterday.Canada, this needs to go VIRAL. Must watch! The Stasi, sorry, Gestapo, excuse me, 3 Manitoba Health inspectors came to a ministers home tonight -Tobias Tissen
Yes, you read that right, fined for attending a worship service. In 2020. In Canada.

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Lothar 900
Lothar 900 2 months ago

looks like the RCMP became the Nazis now they're running up the Christians for their execution this is sickening I feel ashamed to be a German Canadian this is a Witch Hunt against Canadians and German people in all Gatherings especially Christians do not pay any fine do not open your door to know police do not answer any questions to the police do not give your name or birthday to the police this is your right as a Canadian deny every fine deny all taxes please do not do your taxes this year don't accept money from the government this is racism at its finest in Canada just remember the Canadian government in the British government built concentration camps in South Africa starving women and children to death they don't care about you or your children or your wife

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Citizen of Gotham
Citizen of Gotham 2 months ago


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Ann369 2 months ago

Robotic mindless sub humans in training for taking people to gulags. They must really like hiding behind their muzzles.

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