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Ralph Epperson - Interviewed by Bill Cooper for 5 Episodes of HOTT in 1993 During the Mystery Babylon Series

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Published on 17 May 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

Hour two, here, is some of the most valuable information on the web.
Goto August 10 at HOTT: for the complete list.
You can find the vid here:

But Cooper keeps Epperson in check if any hint of double-speak comes out Epperson's mouth.

Ralph Epperson was quickly employed and advanced by a Freemasonic education-system which is suspicious once you realize all education of the masses is created or infiltrated by the Cult for manipulation (Even the Sethbooks had the Cult trying to invade and influence the material, but All-That-Is is too smart for simple-minded, backstabbing thUgs and Cult minions of the Luciferian "Light.")... Epperson's first claim which Cooper squeezes out of him at the beginning of the very first episode shows him to worship the "Light" which is what all Freemasons are trained to seek. It is also code talk for the Freemasons to talk about the light and the dark which are apparent opposites. But birds of a similar feather, flock together, and now that the Rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel has linked all Cult minions into another microwave-tower, brainchip-hivemind (like the old Atlanteans' hivemind that tricked them to serve(actually enslaved) the same Satan-race, Homo capensis, as this present-day Mystery School Cult of minions and thUgs) They are combined into one unified brainchipped army of darkness tricked into believing that they sold their souls to the ancient devils of amazing technologies.

The Mystery School Cult minions are lead to believe that opposites attract, like opposite magnetic fields. Light and dark is Cult-talk as they allude to the Force of Good which is supposed to oppose the Force of Evil. The Sethbooks from All-That-Is teaches that there is no "force" in them... they are beliefs. Therefore the word "evil" is deceptive and should be replaced by "wicked".
A common Cult claim is: "There is no rest for the wicked." because Freemasons used to have to do nasty things to good people from the shadows of conspiracy all the time before gangstalkers were created by the Cult.

Gang-stalkers are controlled by the hivemind if they refuse to commit suicide through brainchip synthetic telepathy.
Since your physical body is at the center of your God-Created perception or consciousness, you will never notice a Freemasonic thUg murdering you as you dance through the probable worlds.

With all their advanced technology, the Freemasons have not figured out that the Creator-God is constantly with you helping you every second of the day to manifest your desires and beliefs is and very drawn out way.

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