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"What are you gonna do? Shoot me?" Gets shot. Supercut/Compilation

Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 252 Views
Published on 20 Apr 2023 / In Film and Animation

Guy at gunpoint is convinced he won't get shot and is sure of it. You're not gonna shoot me. You wouldn't shoot me. Similar famous last words said right before getting shot.

A compilation of videos containing the phrase/situation in some manner (scenes might vary a bit) from movies, tv shows, cartoons, animated shows/movies.

Are there any clips that you wanted that I missed? What are some of your favorite clips from the video? Also, suggest me some supercuts that you want to see and more in the comments. PLEASE do subscribe as it helps me make more videos.

0:00 Columbo: In "Fade Into Murder" s6e1
0:26 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
0:42 Total Recall (1990)
1:07 Lost “The Glass Ballerina" s3e2
1:33 Daredevil (2015) s1e10
1:57 Doctor Who "The Big Bang"
2:17 Boardwalk Empire s1e12
2:41 Bound (1996)
3:08 The World Is Not Enough
3:28 True Blood s3e08
3:53 Legend of korra s3e10
4:16 Game of Thrones s4e10
4:45 Miami Vice “Deliver Us From Evil” s4e21
5:14 Justice League: "A Better World"
5:33 The Punisher (2017) s2e9
5:40 NCIS s07e09
6:08 24 s3e16
6:27 Peacemaker (2022) s1e7
6:46 Cloud Atlas
7:05 The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
7:26 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Invasive Procedures" s2e4
8:03 Battlestar Galactica (2003) s2e14
8:29 American Gangster
8:58 Magnum, P.I.: "Did You See the Sunrise?" s3e2

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