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"Vaccines are Saving Lives", said the Sheep

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev - 243 Views
Published on 15 Apr 2021 / In Health
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Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey 20 days ago

Mirror. Source
Angus Clarke, [15.04.21 12:54] [Forwarded from Order Of Alpha [Public Channel] (Order Of Alpha [Public Channel: https://t.me/OrderOfAlpha ])] [ Video ] "Vaccines are saving lives.. " Said the sheep https://t.me/c/1178922913/38140

Quote: "(None)"
TRWS Talks to Mark Steele. Trws had the chance to go to Newcastle to speak to Mark Steele all about 5G https://is.gd/Zz8rq1

Genocide numbers climbing all the time - Keep doing as your told and you will not survive this crime https://is.gd/Skpt9x

VAERS Covid Vax Records https://vaxpain.us/

Do not take the COVID-19 test! Dr. Lorraine Day cites SILVIEW.media. Confirms swab test concerns https://is.gd/sXU8BZ

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine victim, 13th January 2021 https://is.gd/nceczi

Tiffany Pontes Dover faints in 17 mins, dead in 10 hours [2020-12-24] (Video) https://is.gd/y5QnBx

COVID-19 Moderna vaccine victim, 7th January 2021 (Use full screen to read) https://is.gd/gz47jQ

Registered Nurse in Nashville Tennessee COVID-19 vaccine victim https://is.gd/JaUbSm

DΓΈdsfall hos sykehjemsbeboere etter koronavaksinering https://legemiddelverket.no/ny....heter/dodsfall-hos-s

HSE NHPET Ireland finally admit that a COVID-19 virus has not been scientifically proven to exist https://is.gd/0rhIT2

Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9276003/

Evaluation of the 900 MHz Radiofrequency Radiation Effects on the Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Growth Rate of Klebsiella pneumoniae https://sites.kowsarpub.com/se....mj/articles/20490.ht

Google { "has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity" https://is.gd/5IkGrn , "has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential" https://is.gd/pt2gIu }

Amazon USB key - Part 1 to 2 - CYM Adrenochrome https://is.gd/NMbJNG

Martial Arts and Peoples Council for the Protection of Children against government child abuse https://is.gd/g5WCgu

Dr Bodo Schiffmann reports that a third child has just died in Germany due to masks https://is.gd/RlMprU

New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination https://is.gd/ylDmrl

Vaccine Test Results. First results of vaccine investigations https://is.gd/jVxB1N

BBC dangerous organization https://is.gd/lrOHaf

BBC are a dangerous organization https://is.gd/bnioDD

BBC interview of Mark Steele - Fail in their fake BBC narrative on 5G corona https://is.gd/BjF1JC

Kate Shemirani arrested https://is.gd/EjNFu7

Mark Steele informs police of 5G in Glasgow Green & COVID-19 The Musical https://is.gd/HWgZHq

Voice for Victoria - Dave Oneegs check in & Queensland showing incredible support ! https://is.gd/HfsK2A

Mark Steele @ StandUpX Sheffield 5th September 2020 & Setting Sheffield police straight https://is.gd/se9xOr

Kate Shemirani and Kevin Corbett outside Downing Street 5th September 2020 (Audio normalized) 1 of 2 https://is.gd/VLtmre

How the police bully and harass Kate Shemirani in London & Unlawfully arrested, physically assaulted https://is.gd/g0yxbj

Do not send your children back to school, schools are no longer a safe place for children https://is.gd/kI1dSs

Schools returning in September with Mark Steele and Lee Garrett, 13th August 2020 https://is.gd/TEchXn

Viruses don't exist https://is.gd/E4li0z

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK. https://is.gd/gbBKn3

COVID-19 dictator coup attempt in and via Victoria Australia August 2020 https://is.gd/gqLNMo

5G step to genocide - Know their plan Know their weakness (Enhanced) https://is.gd/Fe70pv

COVID Test is the Virus - Airlines Calling for Passenger COVID Testing - Primer Sequence: CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT - "Positive" Result in All Human Beings - Practice Self-Exceptionalism to Get Over This Insanity - Globalist COVID Massive Failure (Exit Strategy Coming) - DO NOT CONSENT https://is.gd/O1TzJc

If law exists Daniel Andrews and Victoria Police must face charges https://is.gd/amUliJ

Report #191|NewsPanel China:CCP Genocide of Uyghurs, Falun Gong: Dr. Tohti, Dr. Sidick, Mitch Gerber https://is.gd/69MxGs

Joe Imbriano - Mystery illness in schools - The war on children, oxygen - Coming attack in schools https://is.gd/zA8fxL

Mark Steele offers his latest views of the intensifying threat of EMFs in the form of 5G https://is.gd/u9QQca

Lena Pu talks to Health Australia Party 30th July 2020 https://is.gd/K61snu

Intelligence: Youtube { david hawkins jason goodman https://is.gd/8vG8pN last uploads } & http://abeldanger.blogspot.com

5G Genocide Liability Notice – Updated June 2020 https://is.gd/guqe0s

The real plan with the new cell towers https://is.gd/mIggjY

Cancer industry not looking for a cure; they’re too busy making money https://is.gd/ojpPsO

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 19 days ago

I finally learned why Trump rushed the shot. BECAUSE IT IS EXPERIMENTAL, THEY CANNOT MANDATE IT. If he'd waited a little longer, it would have been officially approved for use, & they could force everyone to get it, like they do polio etc before attending school. As of now? They are getting corporations to force it. You want to work here? GET THE SHOT. You want to fly on our planes? Show proof you've been jabbed. You want into our stadiums? Go to our college? etc etc.. FIGHT IT. IT IS NOT A REAL VIRUS. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. TAKE THE DAMNED MASKS OFF. Fauci put together a team of med professionals in 2008. Did an investigation into the Spanish flu. He concluded that MILLIONS DID NOT DIE OF THE FLU. THEY DIED FROM BACTERIAL LUNG INFECTIONS FROM WEARING THE MASKS. There were no antibiotics until Penicillon in 1938+. Google images Fauci, Gates, & Gates' dad. They are all eugenicists. THEY WANT US DEAD, & FOR US TO PAY FOR IT. Bill G Sr, was on the board of Planned Parenthood. Gates' man wife Mel wears an inverted cross as does Chelsea Clinton, Killary, Grimes (Elon Musk's baby mama) & others. Satanists. They have this thing where they have to tell you what they're doing as we MUST CONSENT. Christine Grady, Fauci's wife, is head bio ethicist nurse at hte NIH. Holds power. You KNOW thay all are in it together. Gates & Fauci went to Wuhan labs together after

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Jan4kingsingh 20 days ago


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