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"It's UNAVOIDABLE!"- Galactic Federation's BREAKING Warning to Humanity! Soul Garment (2021)

The Human Collective
Published on 16 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

#GalacticFederation #DoloresCannon #GalacticFederationOfLight #Ascension #Awakening #GalacticFederationofWorlds #SoulGarment #PastLivesOfDoloresCannon #DoloresCannon'sPastLives #WarningToHumanity #21thDecember2021 #4thDensityVibration

In this channeled session, I have channeled the Galactic Federation about what is coming up in the month of December and furthermore they share with us about information pertaining to: How to find out if you are already in 4th density? What is your soul's garment? What are past lives of Dolores Cannon - what she did in Atlantis etc. Also they share with us how we can prepare for what's coming on December 21.

If you want to know your past lives and your lesson for current lifetime and your soul name, email me at [email protected]

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Sending you love-light

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