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"BB Gun Assault" by Nutnfancy

Nutn Fancy
Nutn Fancy - 469 Views
Published on 05 Apr 2018 / In People and Blogs

Go buy a $30 Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and make some memories. An affordable and fun way to make some family and friend memories, these BB guns are accurate at close range and allow practice of marksmanship fundamentals. Their extreme low power and velocity allow for safe shooting against simple backdrops. The sights are actually pretty good and are adjustable for elevation. Also shown in the vid is the limited edition Daisy Chief AJ Special BB gun with its larger stock (better sized for adults) and oversized, John Wayne style cocking loop. Set up some large toy army men and maybe some Matchbox cars and dudes you're in business... we've been doing it for years. Other airguns or pellet guns will work great too but may need a more substantial backdrop. But it's hard to beat the simplicity and speed of the Red Ryder BB guns for the game. Great fun, great practice, great memories.//////////////// Hey Kids: Although BB guns are low powered make sure you DO have an adequate backdrop and always use safe gun handling practices. It you suspect you might have bounce backs wear safety glasses too.

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no0negun 8 months ago

Awesome video man.

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