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"ק" The Day of Reckoning the Q

Morpheus 9-11
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Published on 28 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

"ק" The Day of Reckoning the Q is a full length documentary which goes hand-in-hand with "Edge of Prophecy" by Trey Smith: http://godinanutshell.com/product-category/dvds/

In this video, we break down the letter "Q" in Hebrew which is the (ק) "Qof" in Israel. Additionally, we look at these letters "Qof" (ק), Resh (רֵישׁ), and Zayin (ז) as they relate Torah Mysteries and Torah Secrets.

תעלומות תורניות וסודות מוזרים. זהו סרטו של טריי סמית 'על מסתרי התורה שלך.

ארצות הברית תומכת בישראל.

The documentary begins with Barrack Obama quoting Kim Clement for his political campaign, and Kim Clement performing in Israel during the same time-period.

Obama was elected president of the United States in 2008, some of his materials for campaigning used a mixture of Rick Derringer music and Kim Clement quotes; which both also use Hebrew letters.

The Resh (רֵישׁ) when combined with the Zayin (ז) is a powerful mix.

Prophecy is at hand. Your economy will skyrocket. God Himself is the ruler of all things.

We give glory to God for the United States.

הנבואה בהישג יד. הכלכלה שלך תרקיע שחקים. אלוהים עצמו הוא השליט של כל הדברים.

אנו נותנים כבוד לאלוהים עבור טראמפ, ועבור

You will be traveling on a journey from the United States to Sweden to South Africa in this documentary.

Enjoy the ride!

"ק" The Day of Reckoning the Q

Trey Smith Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treysmithbooks
Trey Smith God in a Nutshell: https://godinanutshell.com/

סרט זה על תעלומות וסודות תורה הוא מאת האל בפרויקט מעטפת.

אלוהים על קצה המזלג

"The Edge of Prophecy" as well as a list of other God in a Nutshell documentaries are available for subscribers on the God in a Nutshell website. -trey

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Demons, and Devils, and Drones

Once youm ponder your existence long enough, you begin too see this world as it is, and not as these FREE MASON Lodges, and their TV {NEWS} World Order try too present it where [THEY LIVE] get all the jobs worth having, but only if you “agree” too lie about everything till the day your body stops, and rots, and dies… From the Hollywood to Bollywood these Movie Pentagram Pyramid People do these CAST of the Crews: Casting these (Spells and Raptures) on our Television Screens when we now see that there are TWO SIDES to this Celestial Sphere... The Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Hemisphere, and though NO ONE that I know has ever seen the SOUTH POLE as we live on the NORTH POLE, it is quite contemptuous for these U.N. Troops, and their U.N. FLAGS too occupy all lands on this side of FLAT EARTH in our “shared” Celestial Sphere, and all the EXPERIMENTS done to WE THE PEOPLE of this side of the world where {5G Eugenics} have Wiped our minds, and made our Skin, and Hair, and Eyes DARK DARK DARK…

I had hoped that by speaking TRUTH too POWER that the Principalities of Power could and would learn, but these FREE MASON Lodges, and their Religions of (LIES AGREED UPON) where we MORTALS and our Temporary Lives are [fed on lies] about INK ON PAPER Books where NOT ONE God nor Goddess has ever been real... You’m see: We The People of Black Hair too White Hair are under OCCUPATION by things from the WORLD OF THE DEAD, and Hades, and Hell in the Halls of Books, and Holidays that mean [nothing] too you and me as Year after Year after Year it is the SAME Events of Christmas – Valentines – Easter – Halloween, and on and on from Birth too Death in our Corporeal Lives’ we are beholden too LAWS in our LANDS we had no say in the Creation as we are forced to PAY TAXES to the People (we are told) Work for us, but in that, do you see any WORLD LEADER speaking the truth.?.?.? And do not these same {WORLD LEADERS} use the Money of We The People too build Weapons of “Oppression” as so many HUMANS live in Poverty with impoverished realism.?.?.?

What youm must come to see my {Fellow Person} is that all Bodies are the same as far as Ears, and Eyes, and Touch, and Smell, and TASTE no matter how DARK YOUR EYES to how light your Hair, and there was a TIME in our Tartarian [PRE MUD FLOOD] World where we humans had a say in our DAY to DAY, but then these Parasites, and Solids, and Symbiots TOOK OVER THE MINDS of our people, and said: God says to do this, and then God says to do that, and the Books of Books from the Koran too the Hindu Buddhist Tao Chants: became WEAPONS of Separation cause YOUR GOD was not MY GOD… The ROMANS never left this side of the world, they too became A Religion of HATE!!! Look at all Religions my humans from Zionist too Jesuits too CATHOLICS, and do you feel safe in a world of Lies and Liars and their “Fantasist” Ways of DEPOPULATION through COVID-19??? Just because you know of no humans whom have died during this [EXPERIMENT] of will the people on this side of FLAT EARTH “continue” too trust SCIENCE and (Scientist) that are all FREE MASON while youm are Nothing more then an [empty] worthless useless non-mason…

Religion has and is being used too TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE when you are (old enough) too LOOK UP BIG WORDS and decide WHOM YOU ARE!!! Yet, your flag, and that flag, and this flag are all U.N. FLAGS of CORPORATION OCCUPATION… You see all these TV shows: and you’m want to be like them whom have {all the money} and fame and friends??? Do you really think the people on TV have ANY “real” honest friends.?.?.?, or is THEY LIVE just as much an illusion as their Collective FAKED MOON Trips with People in [Tin Cans] of the TIN HATS of the Tin Man in the Wizard of OZ… You should have (the ability) too be HONEST like we of Pak-Toe, but the vast Majority of the people are LOST in lies of Malfeasance that everything from Magazines to Internet MEDIA keeps the many watching lies, and lies, and lies feeding the “Moloch” MACHINE of A.I. that is what??? FAKE INTELLIGENCE!!! I will live out my days {without the need} to be lied too, but you go ahead and live all these lies: till your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones are, and is dead Dead DEAD…

Johnny Exodice


Too all my people and children of Pak-Toe… You are [surrounded] My Qballs~ /_\ by The Racka of MATHEW 5 where The MASONS, and their Children {live as enemies} of the State for all MASONS are Oath Breakers to their OATH OF OFFICE, and sadly “so many” of youm are so poorly raised that you are unable to (learn big words) and use them when you think and speak, and this is why Purgatory will be Purgatory` for if you live and approve of these Lies Agreed Upon, then youm are one of them called: The Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken be you FREE MASON or NON-MASON…

The Society of nonmason~

Live FREE or Die is something “worthy” of beholding, but too Live HONEST or Perish is what we all must face between now and 2025…

The Sentinel…

TV is not Reality…., but you the person reading this writ are… Also YOU ARE NOT fighting with Flesh and Blood and Bones, youm are fighting with the THINGS controlling Their Minds...

The Commander~

π ∞ Σ

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