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Queen Ma'at Girl Vs. Urban America Feds Charging Officers In Breonna Tayler Case A Left Distraction!

Queen Ma'atGirl
Queen Ma'atGirl - 43 Views
Published on 09 Aug 2022 / In News and Politics

Join us on the front lines of the information war for another scholastic debate. Topic: The Biden crime family charging the 4 officers in the Breonna Taylor case is a nothing burger, carrot on a stick intended to distract black Americana, white Americans and MAGA patriots off what really matters, holding the Biden crime family politically accountable for their crimes against humanity! Furthermore, the distraction is a white sacrifice of good police officers, the new leftist hustle to manipulate black people into chasing non tangible racial animus, the divide and conquer strategy of the deep state aiding them in ushering in the total collapse of America, and the new world order. Black people will not benefit from dedicating their time and energy to this tired, and played out Breonna Taylor case. If you disagree with me I'm challenging you to a scholastic debate!

The winner of the debate will be paid a cash app reward from $100 and up. Are you up for the challenge?
#QueenMaatGirlTv #BreonnaTaylor #WhiteSacrifice

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