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Queen Ma'at Girl Vs. Black America: Pro Black Equals Big Gov. The Anti Hate Crimes Bill Con Job!

Queen Ma'atGirl
Queen Ma'atGirl - 73 Views
Published on 01 Jun 2022 / In News and Politics

Its debate time again on the front lines of the information war! Topic of discussion is that pro black, and how it is implemented equals more tyrannical bug government, and big brother slavery over predominantly black people, then the rest of America! Each time a people who operate as a underclass petition the government for basic resources, plus protections the government grows in size, overreach, and power to enslave the nation. Current calls from black America to establish a anti black hate crimes bill won't protect black people, it will only enslave them. If you disagree I am calling you out to a debate! The winner of the debate will be paid a $100 Cash app award on me! Are you up for the challenge?

#QueenMaatGirlTv #AntiBlackHateCrimesBill #Debate

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