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Queen Ma'at Girl Presents Patriot Wednesdays. From Fashion To Counter Balance White Lives Do Matter!

Queen Ma'atGirl
Queen Ma'atGirl - 173 Views
Published on 06 Oct 2022 / In News and Politics

Join us on the front lines of the B.C.C for another epic freedom lovers panel. Topic: The Iconic Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West, and the Iconic intelligent political commentator, and cofounder of BLEXIT Candace Owens made a bold, and very brave political statement white lives matter at the Paris Fashion Week event in Paris France. Shockwaves were sent to the radical left, liberals were left triggered and crying, and black America complains true to form. Join the discussion, as we unpack what it all means.

#QueenMaatGirlTv #WhiteLivesMatter #PatriotWednesdays

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TwoFeather 6 months ago

why not replace Black and White to "Your Life Matters"
that way everyone that see's it will think it is a message for them

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