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Quantum Entanglement Directly Seen on a Large Scale For The First Time

The Human Collective
Published on 29 Sep 2022 / In Science

Quantum entanglement is one of the weirdest phenomena in quantum mechanics. It is so strange that even Albert Einstein did not believe in it. He called it spooky action at a distance. As we go from the quantum realm to the classical realm, the strangeness of the quantum world fades away. Classical laws replace quantum laws, and phenomena such as quantum entanglement or quantum tunneling cannot be observed.

However, two teams of physicists have now observed quantum entanglement on a macroscopic scale. They crafted two aluminium drums of a red blood cell size, each containing over a trillion atoms. The drums were vibrated using microwaves. The experiment was so meticulously set up that there was no way for the drums to contact each other mechanically. The extent of the drums’ entanglement can be measured by looking at their amplitudes, their maximum distances from their resting positions, as they wobble up and down by roughly the height of a single proton. This was the first experiment.

In the second experiment, researchers used their own quantum drum system to challenge the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. First of all, they hit their quantum drum continuously with photons and tuned them into an entangled state. Then, they treated the entangled drums as a single, combined drum. Instead of measuring each individual drum’s position and momentum, they measured the imaginary drum’s position without affecting its velocity.

Both the experiments have hinted at our closeness to the quantum world.

Research paper:

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