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Qanon September 30, 2018 - Welcome to the Police State

Praying Medic
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Published on 26 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Qanon says Twitter has been given a green light to blanket censor conservatives heading into the midterms. Facebook and Google will soon follow.

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Twitter thread: http://bit.ly/Q-police-state

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 7 months ago

Do you know what “the word” FOLKS Means.?.?.?

#QANON from Q+ The Pen` ^^^ ^^^ * ^^^ ^^^ Did you “forget” to FOLLOW THE PEN???????

It means PLEB or Plebes that means LESS THEN A HUMAN for you are (A Slave) to A Master Tax Collection GOVERNMENT that you my Romantic Warrior “nonmason” Citizens have been played, and “thrown away” by all U.N. FLAGS and yes…..., the U.S. FLAG is just {one of many} /_\ U.N. FLAGS, so this U.S.A. Has “NO” Authority to REPRESENT your Texas Flag, your Nebraska Flag, your New York Flag…. Ect…, so on and so forth!!!!! Therefore….., when will you “my nonmason” citizens start murdering all FREE MASON {Lodge Members} / * \ where you live for THEY DO NOT take any “Oath of Office” to your Countries, and States FLAGS, and National Constitutions!!!

These FREE MASON Lodge Members be they [10 years old] too 120 years old took a BLOOD OATH to kill “all nonmason” Citizens from JAPAN to Germany and all lands of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition!!!!

Therefore FREE MASON (are not) CITIZENS of your lands as they all belong to this (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM {Alien Invasion} by them TWO CONTINENTS left off the UNITED NATIONS [International Mafia] FLAT EARTH WORLD DOMINATION MAP!!!


ALWAYS SHOOT FIRST and have {7 ways in} and 7 ways out… By land, By Sea, By Sky, by Sewer Passages… WE WILL TAKE THEM OUT for “Death” is an Illusion for all cause WE ARE all {Immaterial Immortals} +=+ in these TEMPORARY, Temporal, Human, Corporeal, Body, Temple, AVATARS!!!


Know how to hack these (Global Citizens) and PUT THEM ALL INTO [WOOD CHUCKERS] to feed your pigs, and cattle, and sheep……..

The Society of nonmason~


Once you know how to Speak “in their” CODE WORDS…..., then they can no longer (Talk Shit) too your Face my people and persons “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…..


YOU BETTER learn how to Can and Jar Meats, Soups, and anything else you will and “shall be making” at HOME to do Trade and Batter!!! Cause I gotta have my Drink and Smokes!!!!


Finally in this REPORT for our RAG TAG REBELLION, as you can see these “Demolay Kids” can not THINK FOR THEM SELVES!!! They are all “Slaves” to their Incubus and Succubus FREE MASON MASTER MASONS!!!! In that….., you take out these GOLEM [Parasite Children] before they murder you my nonmason kids, teens, and elders no matter your age, and you can and will and shall “shoot” any FLESH AND BLOOD AND BONES Man and Wombman “dead” for Breaking Their [OATH OF OFFICE] to the Illinois National CONSTITUTION FLAG that “does not have” THEIR STATE FLAG of Illinois on their “U.N. TROOPS” backwards “Flag Patches’ this ACT OF 1871 U.S. (Corporate Logo) for FREE MASON are all Cucks and Slags!!!

These {National Guards} are all (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM /_\ JADE HELM 15 Infiltration doing SEDITION in Our 50 STATE FLAGS FOR AMERICA!!!!!



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