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Qanon December 21, 2018 - The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America

Praying Medic
Praying Medic - 173 Views
Published on 26 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Qanon asked if we know about the deep state's 16-year plan to destroy America. In this update, I explain their failed plan.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Teacher…, why do the FREE MASON lodges want to kill off [all the remaining] Dark Hair Blue Eyed people……..., and then make the Red Hair Green Eyes and Blond Hair Blue Eyes the TOP OF THE PYRAMID food chain when the Brown Eyed “Dark Hair” MASONS could take it all without killing off we the 8% of the remaining BLUE EYES people and population of this “Celestial Sphere” Home World of Purgatory??? The REASON the EDISON machine of Forced SLAVE LABOR Technology wants all PEOPLE regardless of Skin tone or {Hair Colour} /_\ with BLUE EYES to die…….., is so MAGIC will be nullified!!! You see……., the machine knows if it can DESTROY Magic and Sorcery…..., then no more HUMAN MINDS (can resist) [{**}] THE TV Mesmerization of Electromagnetic ENCHANTMENTS of The TV Set where it says in visual sound images: Let us “Enumeration You” into Hypnotism on your “2D FLAT EARTH” BLACK MIRROR SCREENS!!!! Has not “this world” / * \ been controlled by these LIGHT SKIN BLUE EYED People “in all places” known in the Old Testament Bible as The Chaldean.?.?.? Moreover….., since I am a BLUE EYED Person myself…., I have to take into “consideration” of what would happen to this FLAT EARTH Realm called Mother Heaven…, and Father Earth if all BLUE EYED “PEOPLE” were rounded up.., taken to TRUMP RED FLAG LAWS., and then Extermination after much Torture and Abuse and Rape of them SOULS??? Do you think these “Spirits” would come back to HEAL Mankind “be we” male and female, or would they “turn away” and become them Dead White Orbs and Luminaries in the Skies we call The WATCHERS.?.?.? The Green Eyes and Red Hair are now only 1% of the [REMAINING] [{*}] Human Populations……., and the same can be said the Light Natural Blond Hair and BLUE Eyes that “they too” are down to just 1% of the human population, and in that my kind the {Dark Blond} Hair BLUE EYES are 8% of your NEUTRAL Magic Capacitors – Diodes – Resistors, and INFLUENCERS!!!! Do look at the EYE Color of every “White Person” on TV from Magazines to Art, and say: These “people” are going EXTINCT, and why do the FREE MASON “Lodges” want all BLUE EYES and GREEN EYES Gone from this realm and demension.?.?.? Cause THE MACHINE is like a Hive mind of Insects, and she or it, wants only Black Hair, Brown Eyes, and “one type” of SKIN TONE only……., and if you look at the world as it is, from Asia to India From the Middle East to Africa from Central to “South America” all the NATIVE LIGHT SKIN Blue and Green Eyes (are gone) +=+ regardless of skin tone, and your FREE MASON G. O. D. Satan and Lucifer want a ONE WORLD ORDER, and a ONE WORLD RELIGION, and a ONE WORLD PEOPLE where through this {5G Eugenics} Reshuffling of our Jobs and Locations, at some point, only Black Hair, Dark Eyes, and ONE SKIN COLOR “will be allowed” by these (COVID19) Machine People and Their {PROJECT BLUE BEAM} GLOBAL GOVERNMENT of Global Citizens, so if you have blue or green eyes.?.?.?, too dark or too light skin.?.?.?, and your hair is not NATURAL BLACK… YOU ARE TO BE WIPED out in this RESET of the next Great Hydrogen Nuclear War of 2020 C.E. that “will begin” when the FREE MASON drop a Nuclear Bomb on Seattle Washington to START WW3 on [NOVEMBER 3rd, 2020] A.D. Blaming NORTH KOREA to start the WAR with China “whom will betray” The Russians to kill off all their [Remaining] BLUE EYED Biological Humans by these Synthetic CYLONS!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

It is not about WHITE PEOPLE per-say, it is about labeling BLUE EYES as the (COVID19) Virus and Infection and “Break Outs” to be put down by JADE HELM 15 this U.N. FLAGS World Domination Plot, and even our own Flesh and Blood and Bones BLUE EYES are “so enamored” by MK-ULTRA they will kill their “own children” to achieve the goal of Albert Pikes MORALS and DOGMAS!!!

The Green hat`

We light skin blue eyes are not the MONSTERS of this world, only them FREE MASON White People whom run the whole fucking show known as ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE, and any one whom wears a FACE MASK is just [hiding their faces] from we THEIR MASTERS whom {do not wear} The Face Mask!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


BOOK THREE OF RIDDLES can be downloaded from Johnny Exodice at

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