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PUTIN humiliating to see Ukraine using E-BIKES bicycles to crush Russian attacking tank convoy.

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 22 May 2022 / In News and Politics

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PUTIN humiliating to see Ukraine using bicycles to "crush" the marching Russian tanks | Update on Russia and Ukraine war May 22.

Putin is "deeply shocked" to see the Ukrainians on E-BIKES to crush Russian tank units today.

UKRAINIAN special forces are using smooth electric motorcycles to attack Russian troops with British NLAW anti-tank missiles.

The Eleek Atom Military Stealth Bike, designed in Ukraine and built in a secret factory, has a 93-mile range on a 5-hour charge and a top speed of 55 mph. They allow troops to reach the front lines and launch gunfire attacks before the target escapes to safety.

Soldiers can carry bikes up to 150lb, allowing them to transport 66mm anti-tank weapons.

In addition to tank hitting operations, these bicycles were also used to transport snipers, medical supplies, and ammunition. And they carried out messengers between formations of the Ukrainian army, bypassing Russian electronic jamming systems.

Their size and low heat make them evasive from Russian surveillance drones and thermal imaging devices.

Today, May 22, the Ukrainian army used this bicycle to approach the Russian target in Kherson, when the Russian tank convoy was moving on the road. These bicycles are compact and extremely mobile, it allows the Ukrainian army to reach the target quickly and perform effective sniper attacks, the Ukrainian soldiers are also very easy to hide because of the compact vehicle. Ukrainian soldiers successfully carried out an attack on the Russian tank convoy, destroying 22 tanks and armored vehicles of all kinds.

This is an insult to PUTIN when the Russian tank fleet was destroyed almost entirely by cheap means of bicycles and shoulder-fired anti-tank missiles. This makes us think of American action movies, of The Rock guy riding on a motorbike and chasing supercars.

While British and American special forces have used motorcycles in both Iraq and Afghanistan, finding fuel in remote areas has always been a challenge.

But Eleek Atoms use lightweight portable solar panels, allowing them to be deployed in almost any environment.

Vadym Ignatov, Vice President of the Association of Ukrainian Electric Vehicle Market Participants said: “Ukrainian Army is very successful with its first battles together with Eleek Atom Military. I think this will make PUTIN quite bewildered and startled, as he did not expect that more than 20 of his tanks would be destroyed by such a rudimentary weapon so quickly.

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