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Putin Created His Own Fascist Youth Army in 2015

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 24 May 2022 / In News and Politics

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โ˜… Russia is so desperate, they are recruiting 45 year old's now
โ˜… Putin fears his own people MORE than losing in Ukraine
โ˜… Russia Now Wants to Nuke Ireland
โ˜… This Turkish Drone is Destroying the Russian Navy
โ˜… Russia Had a Sad Parade - Putin Knows He Cannot Declare War
โ˜… FIRST Kamikaze Switchblade Drone VIDEO Released in Ukraine
โ˜… 10 Reasons Why Russia Invaded Ukraine
โ˜… China is Refusing to Help Russia in Ukraine
โ˜… Russia is Being Destroyed Online from Cyber Attacks


Approximate Russian Losses

BBC War Map

Russia arrests nearly 5,000 anti-war protesters over the weekend

Nearly 4M Russians Left Russia in Early 2022 โ€“ FSB

Russian Children Dressed Up for War

Young Army Cadets National Movement

Sons of Russia: The people fighting Putin's war in Ukraine | Full Episode | SBS Dateline

Russia spends millions on indoctrination and crushing childrenโ€™s identification with Ukraine in occupied Crimea

Children as a tool: how Russia militarizes kids in the Donbas and Crimea

Putin's Little Soldiers

Russian teacher โ€˜shockedโ€™ as she faces jail over anti-war speech pupils taped

97-year-old World War II veteran Ivan Lysun and his destroyed house

Ukraine: 'He treated me like... not a woman'

A Russian soldier tells his wife that he shoots Ukrainian civilians in the head over death pits.

Surveillance video shows Russian forces shooting civilians

Ukraine conflict: Russian soldiers seen killing unarmed civilians

Denys Antipov, a lieutenant of the Ukrainian Army, has died in battle with Russian troops near Izium, Kharkiv region. He worked at Kyiv University and taught Korean to students and had his own business.

#Russia #Ukraine #NATO

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