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Punkin Center, CO EPIC Tornado Followed by Crazy Strobe Lightning Extended Edit - 5/23/2021

Conscious Mind's
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Published on 31 May 2021 / In News and Politics

An extremely well structured supercell drops an amazing tornado on May 23,2021 near Punkin Center, CO. Later, a severe thunderstorm inspires a late-night lightning rave in the sky near La Junta, CO.
Shot Description
00:00 - Supercell structure of storm that would later produce a tornado near Punkin Center, CO.

00:12 - Tight shot of tornado near Punkin Center, CO. shortly after formation.

00:34 - Wide of tornado formed under a mesocyclone near Punkin Center, CO.

00:47 - Another wide angle of the Punkin Center, CO. tornado and storm structure.

01:07 - Mid shot of the mature tornado.

01:39 - Mid shot of the mature tornado in field kicking up debris.

02:16 - Closeup of mature tornado kicking up debris.

02:38 - Closeup of mature tornado creating vortices.

03:31 - Closeup of tornado in later stage, touching ground and going back up again.

04:06 - Mesocyclone structure prior to tornado formation.

04:27 - Tight shot of a severe storm with structure at night, near La Junta, CO. causing strobe-like lightning.

04:51 - Wide of severe storm producing strobe-like lightning near La Junta, CO.
SID: Trevor Cokley

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