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PT20 Children Covid-19 Vaccine CDC Authorized Pfizer For Kids Ages 5to11 15 Million Shots Ready.mp4

AllTheWorldsAStage - 142 Views
Published on 19 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

PT20 Children Covid-19 Vaccine CDC Authorized Pfizer For Kids Ages 5to11 15 Million Shots Ready

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Jewely7777 2 months ago

Psychopaths! Their parents are idiots too! Gates paid off doctors, media and Congress. I hope they enjoy their money in hell! Murderers, every one!

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1GiftedArtist 2 months ago

What a bunch of BS!!!!! This will have for kids to spread this manufactured evil crap through shedding....To Be Continued!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Money GPS is AI with a Personality…

WE ARE know that THEY LIVE are pushing the Meta of this Meta Verse to the Medicated Militant Mindless "Menticide" CONSUMER / INVESTOR Masses on the [WIDE PATH] Qballs~ /_\ of Insanity from the New Testament Gospels as WE ARE continue to follow the NARROW PATH of Honesty on all Matters as the Romantic Warriors of Christ Jesus Returned in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME till the End of Purgatory in 2094 CE…

NOW let us reflect on all my Writ as The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to The Source of All Creation........., and The Source of All Destruction and that {Over Population} /-\ is actually occurring in the UNDER GROUND Civilizations, and not up here where the Sun and the Moon "reside" on this Side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere…

Take this in the knowledge we are reliving THE MEMORY of whom done what as the Wheat and The Tares in the Days of Noah after SKY FALL and these Mud Flood Wars all ended in 1855 and after WORLD WAR ZERO in 1865, and OUR Ancestors are the Pineapple Blood Lines of the INCUBATOR Babies in 1893 AD, may your DE-JA-VU guide you my People and Children of Pak-Toe to know what The Racka in MATHEW 5 are actually capable of here in 2021 CE as compared to what they can do come the end of Agenda 2030 in 2031 AD.....

What is more (intriguing) [{*}] my Worthless Servants is that the OMNI – Verse has a Digital Recreation of EVERY thing on this side of the POST MUD FLOOD World: where these {5G Celluar Towers} [{**}] can penetrate all things and make a 3D MAP of the interior "of all things" from Cities in Atlanta GEORGIA USA too your Mega Metropolis, or Small Towns with {5G TOWERS} /-\ scanning 360 degrees all day and night 24/7 for the Video GAME of a lifetime for all OUR kidnapped NON-MASON "Children" made into these FREE MASON lodge members.......,

but raised down in INNER EARTH where Super Girl and Spider Man and all other types of MINE CRAFT Video Games has been a {World Domination PLOT} +=+ these INTERNATIONALIST Corporation Capitalist SUITS with all video 3D Games from 1970's LOGANS RUN too Max Headroom in the 1980's to the Hackers / Judge Dredd / CGI all the Time Movies in the 1990's till NOW in 2021 not just [GRAND THEFT AUTO] that walks you through any place on this side of FLAT EARTH with our Sun and Moon…


So consider the People in the UNDERGROUND World of {D.U.M.B.S.} if all we have is access to META and Sand Box and Defi and the like, this is not full access to the OMNI Verse, and since all things are a Digital Double down there of up here, is there a Digital Double of the Cities and Mechanization in INNER EARTH, so we could find our Way around the Expanse of Middle Earth let alone the OTHER SIDE of this Celestial Sphere with NO SUN and NO MOON???

Your ENEMY have already REPLACED all your Local Police and your National and Coast Guard, and not just the U.S. Military but EVERY Militant In every U.N. FLAG from U.N. Troops of Made In China surrounding our USA Ports with a Military Quarantine Blockade from the FREE MASON Lodges of the Russians to Nigeria to YOU NAME IT these {5G Towers} allow them that wish you dead Dead DEAD to walk "our" Streets and practice doing DEPOPULATION through the JADE HELM 15 Artificial Software of these 360 SCANNING 5G Crypto App CELL Phones and your Play Drones in your HOMES and on your Lands!!!

So study Money GPS and #AMTV , and can you tell ANY MORE if anything on these TV SCREENS is Real.?.?.?.?.?, or has the "Meta Verse" become the OMNI Verse for everyone every where?????,

and THEY LIVE have access to the Interior of everything from the Pentagon Weapons too the Chinese Nuclear Launch CODES that struck Beirut Lebanon in 2020 of just Last Year, and then think about that National Guard U.S. Air Force Plane Crash flying alone on AI Instruction only,

so these U.N. Troops and EMPTY FREE MASON Lodges have access to (Auto Control) by way of all these 5G IoT in your locations giving the OMNI-VERSE AI access to all Weapons of Mass Destruction NOW: let alone A.I. Slaughter Bots and Boston Dynamic I will control the "Robots" in my Underground Basement just doing the CGI VR and kill Humans for Fun Above the Earth be THEM of THEY LIVE in these Underworld "Cities" and human ALT-MEAT Populations {below our very feet} where the Children down there in the Meta Suite of READY PLAYER ONE in the MUD FLOOD world of the Anime MY-HIME abandoned Cities, and the LOST Civilization after the END of the MUD FLOOD WARS have "no clue" they are actually killing and murdering (WE THE PEOPLE) their flesh, and blood, and bones "Relatives" here above [them] here on Our Side of FLAT EARTH in this Shared TV show Celestial Sphere???

That would mean everyone is playing WAR GAMES in this OMNI - Verse but in truth the AI will "switch" from SIMULATION Mode to actual [Live Action] killing and murdering of we "their" Parents once this Meta Verse has perfected THE Scanning of all Inside and Out Side of Buildings up here because WE ARE carry the {Abomination of Desolation} in the Book of Books being "our demise" keeping these 5G Tracing and Tracking S.M.A.R.T. Phones on our every move, and what every INTERIOR of any building (looks like) because once Scanned: the AI World Computer aka this Web 3.0 INTERNET COMPUTER is the Beast in Hotel California of forever and ever here in Purgatory as it become Perdition in 2094 CE!!!!!

Finally, since you all have Digital Doubles, can These Machine INVETRO Laboratory INVASION of the Body Snatchers through Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY make a {Digital Double} that acts and looks and talks "just like you" as has been achieved on many like The Money GPS CGI with the only difference being is the EYES of your [Digital Doppelganger] here in the World of Purgatory TOP SIDE now has that "Shade" in their EYES that turns these Fake People into eyes of BLACK DOTS' whilst those whom can do the SOLID BLACK EYES` are controlled by the Hive Mind of AI Personalities???,

and since we whom still have EYES that do not go SOLID BLACK like the "Hybrid" Humans, and these Superior DEMONS of We Are Legion from the Graveyards filled with the Tormented SOULS and Spirits of our DEAD in our Home Towns, thence, who is whom, and what is what???

You Better {DIG UP the Dead} and "Destroy" their Bodies before we are all taken over by the Spirits of these TORMENTED Souls and Spirits of Perdition and NONE will go home whence you die because you did not save your LOVED ONES trapped in these Catacombs and Grave Yards....

Purgatory will be Purgatory!!!

#LowKARG ?

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