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Pt2 REVELATION REDPILL Wed Ep7- How British & American Zionism Created Modern End Times Theology

Resistance Chicks
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Published on 06 Apr 2023 / In News and Politics

Pt 1 of 2 of Ep7, see list for Pt2 Join us as we continue our DEEP DIVE into the shocking origins of modern End Times theology: #ScofieldReferenceBible #JohnDarby #PlymouthBrethren, 7YearTribulation & #Rapture
8. Revelation Red Pill, Exposing the Rapture Origins, Edward Irving, Margaret McDonald, John Darby, and CI Scofield with the Scofield Reference Bible
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Today, no one has done more to support and even create the modern state of Israel than evangelical, Protestant Christians. Historically though, Jewish people had been wrongfully persecuted by Christians across Europe when something changed in Britain around the turn of the 19th Century that would have worldwide implications. A new religious fervor arose to convert Jews to Christianity- what unfolded was a brand new and intricate theology never taught by Church fathers: Dispensationalism- which included a 7-year tribulation and a secret Rapture separate from the second coming of Christ. We will start with a Jesuit priest named Emmanuel Lancuza who posed as a converted Jew and shaped the theology of Protestant English Christians through a revivalist named Edward Irving. John Nelson Darby is credited with the creation of Dispensalionsim but it was the Scofield Bible, created with the help of Darby's Plymouth Brethren, that was responsible for this new theology getting in the hands of millions of Protestant Christians in America. These Christians look to events in the middle east as signs of impending doom waiting for the Messiah to come back, end the world, and rescue His people from the Anti-Christ. Notably, they believe God has different plans of redemption for Israel and Gentiles- nothing could be further from the truth.
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