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Pt 3 WOW! Popping, Jumping Out At You Silver Squeeze

Resistance Chicks
Resistance Chicks - 142 Views
Published on 29 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Bill Holter 2022:
#1 Narratives collapse Boris Johnson withdrawals covid regulations
True Market Pricing Gold and Silver
00:50-2:05 narratives breaking down, shackles being broken
$24 Troy oz. Silver Spot, $1830.00 Gold Spot, 1.22.2022
Completely under valued SD Bullion
handle formation, banks buying gold, gold to start over
Russia, Russia, Russia at the top, China doesn't tell, EU is in debt
Japan, UK, USA, in the toilet.
Pharaoh, Fake Phony Bankers, are not wealthy leaders. They are Fake #demigods, Idols who #CANNOT provide for you.
***Americans only use gold and silver coins***. Hold them in your own hands.
It is all an Illusion of Magicians, the Kings Counselors. The Corporate Governments became Empires Like Egypt, Persia, Ottoman, etc. All those in power depend on their illusionists, magicians, #fraudsters, fortune tellers, fake media liars, fake fiat paper pushers, unreal digital coins, To keep the people under their spells, lies, deceitful trickery. Leaving All In #slavery. Home Coming
1,000 Studies showing danger:
Peter McCullough Makes his legal case:
Rachel Brooks, Brit Girl:
Timothy Dixon:
Leah and Michelle A Got Fire:

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. Mankind has rights to live free independent lives. To own land, get married and obey God. We The People obey God by farming the land, multiplying and raising children with the knowledge of God our Father, Savior living within us. Making Mankind more than mere animals because their creator lives in them. Our "CREATOR" Speaking, communicating with us all day long. God, Jesus sharing his love, power and authority with us. God's power and authority over ALL the elements of the earth. God in man helping him take good care of the earth.
Farming, Gold and Silver coins, Constitutional Money, Horses Are Our Transportation, Horticulture, Gold and Silver, Timothy Dixon, Bankers Magicians Illusionist Frauds,

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