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Protesters Demand We "Make America Open Again"!

Millennial Millie Mirrors
Published on 24 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

Originally published on May 3, 2020

If Americans can lose their jobs and all their rights over night are they really free?

Ohioan's gathered at the states capital to protest the violation of their rights and the devastating effects the “Stay-At-Home Order” has had on small businesses.

Protesters raised interesting arguments about the government allowing many big businesses like Walmart to stay open while small businesses, which experience less traffic, are forced to shut their doors. Is it really a smart idea, in the name of reducing virus exposure, to shut small businesses while making everyone go to a handful of large chain stores with large occupancies? If Americans can loose their jobs and all their rights over night are they really free?

When reporter Millie Weaver asked protesters about the proponents of the Stay-At-Home order wanting to remain quarantined the consensus amongst opponents was that those who want to stay home should be free to and those who want to go back to work or support the economy should be allowed to.

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