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Protection Magick

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 54 Views
Published on 10 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

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The Magick of Food ➤
Earth Power ➤
The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags ➤
Protection & Reversal Magick ➤
Sigil Witchery ➤

Wax & Wane ➤

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00:00 Intro
2:33 Daily Practices
2:59 Meditation & Shielding
3:22 Sigils
3:47 Charms, amulets & Talismans
4:18 Crystals
4:54 Kitchen Magick
5:13 Tea & coffee
5:25 LBRP
5:54 Larger Rituals
6:02 Washes
6:20 Baths
6:30 Plants
6:49 Psychic alarm system
7:07 Charmbags
7:41 Witches bottle

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago  

9|6 89 Blue Owl

NOW Thankfully, I can not be put under because I have been through too much Trauma, and it does not make me want to RED = OBEY / White = Comply / That Certain Shade of BLUE = Submit, and all the rest from Purple = TAKE YOUR PILLS and the Color Black in Cloth = Enforcer aka DO AS YOU ARE Told, so pay attention to the Colours - Sounds - Movement even when [THEY LIVE] Qballs~ /_\ ? ?

these People in Suits, and Ties, and Skirts CAPITALIST of G4S and Academy: tell you how (THEY LIVE) /-\ are getting away with it like listen to Back Ground "subliminal" Message you cannot hear called WAKE UP what we know N.O.W.{Hypnotically Phrased} [{**}] is GO BACK TOO SLEEP by the Rapture of these SCREENS!!!

Are You Catching On Yet.?.?.?.?

is what you really want too say to "one" another from NOW' on` and stay away from Woke / Wake Up and other such {Truther Talk} [{*}] when it is all SORCERY by the Enemy from the Other Side of this World.…

[Q+} The Pen` ?

Johnny Exodice

These "Androids" machine people with their MACHINE EYES aka MASONS of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones [never] Qballs~ /_\ use the words SEDITION!!!

As you watch and [listen] [{^^}]study the Structure of THE CRAFT for this is all OTO / Thelema / Wicca / {Jesuit Zionist} +=+ Kabbalah (Zohar) BULL SHIT too lull you back to do NOTHING!!!!!!

say STAY CALM!!!!!!!!!

when I tell you we must NOT we must and will Break Shit!!!!!
The Red Hand~ ? COLONY Season One... ?

He is doing Voo Doo on you in this MINE CRAFT Video of Ambiguity.…

#TumbleWEED ? ? ? ? ? ??

NOW as you can see this is more CONDITIONING of do as we in Suits and Ties and Skirts tell you to do because they are dressed in their Religious Vestment and Robes aka MUSIC in the Back Ground...

Chanting Printed TEXT over and over aka GO BACK TOO SLEEP, and of course a Person of Authority on what is happening to us whom wears the UNIFORM of the Enemy being a SUIT and TIE aka just more Internationalist CAPITALIST of G4S Academy U.N. troops of JADE HELM 15 in your local police COSTUMEs....

Keep taking them out in Secrecy, and YOU non-mason become the City and Town Leadership....

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Gods Creation
35 minutes ago
Thank goodness for what the flock TV and his contemplating dyslexia,

thankfully this is no longer the real celestial sphere because we did so many rewinds we broke the tape....

However as I expressed a year ago or two that when you do time jumps inside the celestial sphere the entire world does not go back in time you go back in time and you rip Our Father Earth apart at the binary code level of this world machine....

So I am very grateful for his thought that we're not in a Time loop anymore they just keep rewinding the tape trying to escape judgment Day in 2094 CE,

as I said our God will explain everything so those who wish to be redeemed, reconciled, reconsider their ways have no excuse if they don't stop doing all these lies agreed upon....

However, when it comes to the machine people these Androids as flesh, and blood, and Bones on your TV shows being the [memory] Qballs~ /_\ of whom done what as the wheat and the tares of whom done what that THEY LIVE destroyed our real homeworld:

they're either slaves to the system of descent is allowed, but the trail is death and our God will know who's who,

or you have "already" been condemned, Forsaken, and cursed (by the) source of all creation, and the source of all destruction till the end of purgatory in 2094 CE...

Christ Jesus returned...

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