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Proof of Election-Voter fraud in the USA from the horse's mouth

MAGAA777 - 219 Views
Published on 27 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

For a decade or more I have been a Minnesota Election Judge. A decade or more ago I ran across this video. This is the sworn testimony of a Computer Programmer about his company being as by an elected official to write a computer program for ELECTRONIC BALLOT BOXES that would allow any election to be flipped 51/49. Since I have seen this video, I have brought this up to Election Judge superiors who have scoffed at the need to address this potential source of Election/Voter fraud by auditing the Code immediately before the elections... Why have you never heard this reported in the Mainstream Media? I don't care what your political party you support, our votes mean nothing if this source of potential fraud is not eliminated. I am reposting this to my account in an attempt to provide an opportunity for this issue to be debated by the masses without the bias of lying politicians and political operatives. Please think WE THE PEOPLE vs the Political Establishment when formulating your replies. 10AUG2020

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