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Project Camelot Interviews SOLARIS BLUERAVEN About A.i.- BLACK OPS, Implants And SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY

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Published on 11 Jan 2022 / In People and Blogs


It is apparent that Katliana was being attacked by the brainchip which means she is very likely not a Mystery School sworn thUglette even though she now considers herself a witch... I gather by her teachings. Now that doesn't mean she is wicked. The Freemasons who rise above the BlueLodge are chosen to become wicked.("No rest for the wicked" is a Freemasonic saying) People who read witchcraft books are only curious until the conspire to murder, then their soul changes... and they all feel the change and their internal torment begins. We are in a playground, a training ground where each and every one of us get one multidimensional life to grow our soul-fragment into a complete soul. If a soul follows a murderous Cult and decay's the soul, then it fails itself and fails becoming a worthy soul.

It is possible that she has since these interviews she has been converted (or "turned" more like it.) I actually offer to help convert thUgs and thUglettes away from their self-annihilation with their Cult, but humouosly none have stepped forward yet, but they will soon be flocking to me no longer plotting to murder me, haa haa... they have almost realized that they cannot kill me... you see, we are all within my own main probability that our Creator-God customizes for each and every one of us.

So Kat changed her name to Solaris Blueraven to writer her books describing thUgtopia rising. She realizes that the targeting of her thoughts and body and feelings are all meant to hinder her own spiritual development. I know it is a brainchip that was installed secretly into her skull because that is what the Freemasons do to every target in order to convert her thoughts into machine language and develop a suicide agenda for her. Kat is too strong to suicide, they would have to murder her via brainchip or poison, but she is pushing mystery School Cult believes on her own or with little handling by the brainchip Ai. So their leave her just enough to survive, but not become famous to any degree. Yes, I care about her to do well, but her beliefs are Cult-based as she learned from Cult idealism. I offered her to learn about the Seth-Books but her vision has been limited by Cult constraints and brainwashing. She is still the most likeable Cult teacher I think I have studied. She has gone through a school of knocks and survived... Jeff Rense also went through a school of knocks of a more deadly type like me:

If you are a murderous conspirator committing genocide now, then you have a very ugly future from which i offered "the greatescape" with my website from the Cult free of any charges, but I think i need to charge the Freemasons for my help to escape their path toward's Oblivion's Gate. The reply I received was just more murder attempts from these spiritual morons.

Katliana is a great sounding point to talk to the murderous thUgs, this is why I am taking the opportunity to help them save their pathetic souls. Solaris may claim to be a "witch" but I find it highly unlikely that she eats human baby parts which higher level Freemasons like Aleister Crowley admitted to watching a student die from eating too much of his human feces. Serve on a bun with ketchup and mustard... haaa haaa... how pathetic these Freemasons really are... and I know just how murderous they are too besides eating their own shit. (Just simulating a breeder-reactor? haaa!)

You see, I'm not a Christian, but I know the Second-Coming is on the way to surfacing within this very probable world as I welcome it here... So good Christian should hang close-by... murderous Cult thUgs are on their way out, they just don't know it, yet.

Murderous thUgs will come flocking for an escape from the suicide-path of their Cult is directing them all to do, very soon. All humanity is designed to perish in the Homo capensis directed probable-world. ThUgs will soon realize the mind-upload into A.i.Lucifer is just a hoax, a mind-job to get them to sell-out and give away their own will-power to their pathetic wwCult... Soon, they will awaken to this deception and realize that their ancient masters, Homo capensis, the Satan-race from the bottomless-pits, deep down in the Freemasonic DUMBases have been also deceiving all minions while the minions deceive the sheeple. Now back to Blueraven.

Here are some of the things off Ms. Blueraven's site:

Ms BlueRaven has over 35 years expertise in areas of Modality healing and Analysis. She is an off world initiate and hybrid Matrix who offers a unique formula of healing for each of her clients. Online classes and private sessions are available for the following. Craft-work, Psychic shielding and self defense, Attunements, Spell-work, Crystal healing modalities, Toning and sound healing,Path of the Star Witch, Chi Gong and breathing techniques, color therapy to name a few. Below is a list of classes or private sessions.

DNA activation and Ascension series. Based on my book "Transmutation Through Ascension". Holographic grid repair, psychic surgery and initiations in Reiki, Ra Sheeba, Ancient Atlantean and Arcturian healing modality attunements. Ancient Mystery School series and re-activation of the KA. Sessions only. Classes by request.

Enochian Magick and Ancient Mystery Schools. High Priestess, Witch Queen, Solitary Witch path-working for Witches and Shamans. Class only. $333.00

Timelines: Consciousness and the art of manifestation. Class only. $244.00. per class.

Contactee inductions and celestial anomalies. Class or private session. $244.00 per class. Private session is $333.00.

Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic telepathy and interfacing on a multidimensional level. Programming, editing, clearing the brain from covert warfare interference. Class or private session.$333.00

Military abduction assessments, covert warfare induction analysis. Class or private session. $244.00 per class/Private session $333.00

Cycles of life, Ritual work. Class only. $333.00

Time slips, false matrix, Full light universe. Class only. $333.00

Merkaba activation, unified chakra meditations, system resets. Session. $444.00 session

Mantras, Intent, affirmations. Class only. $244.00

Magick. Merlin and the Sword, Lady of the Lake. Class only. $244.00

Universal Life coaching, health and fitness, prana, love and balance. $244.00 per session. Light body lifestyles.

Universal life coaching special. 30 min assessment scan and analysis, distant healing and entity removal. Special package $333.00

Assessment analysis map location and star coordinates. $244.00 per session

Timeline Astrology, Numerology. Samhain special 2019 $244.00 per session.

Oracle reading. $244.00 one hour and 1/2 multi layered analysis. Session

Ghosts and Spirits, Paranormal assessment. Class or session. Consult analysis. $244.00 per hour session. Sessions over two hours $333.00

Faerie Magick, Circle work. Protective circle cast. Class $244.00

Psychic Wards. Class. $244.00

Astral protection and travel. Class. $333.00

Water and consciousness, Alchemy through Spirit, Cosmic Cocktails. Celestial downloads. Class $244.00. Programming water.

Cosmic Blast, Distant healing (Excellent for emergency spiritual backup or support, healing crisis,universal detox.) Session.$333.00

Cyberwitch 15 min reading for $50.00. Quick questions and three card inquiry. Session

Classes start at $333.00 for two hours.. Groups of three or more receive a discount $200.00 for two hours. Private instruction $444.00 per session.

Special rates workshops are coordinated online and start at a discounted rate per person. Workshops will run two hours and will continue on as a series. These special workshops will transpire twice a year. Corporate discounts are honored.

Contact Ms. BlueRaven for more information. Master Teacher Initiations such as Reiki, Angelic Initiations, Ra Sheeba must be done in person. Attunements can be done at a distance.

Workshops in self defense, Boxing, Kickboxing,Mixed Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Gong are available in a minimum of 8 at a physical location. Stay tuned for more information. If you live out of state and would like to sponsor a healing workshop incorporating any of these practices contact Ms. BlueRaven. Private Instruction packages are available.

Stress release, powering down or up the body techniques are also available. Class or private consultation. $244.00 per session.

Dream analysis assessment, inductions, psychic attacks. Class only. $244.00 per session.

Psychic Self Defense. Neutralizing psychological warfare. Class only. $333.00 per session.

Reprogramming the DNA. $333.00 Per session.

Releasing vows and contracts $244.00 per session.

Remote protection and circle cast, clearing. $244.00 per session.

Defense in the Dark Arts, Psychological warfare. $333.00 per session.

DNA activation. $333.00 per session

Entity attachment assessment and analysis. $244.00 per session

Love, family and relationships consult. One hour $ 212.00

Emotional body cellular healing. $333.00 per session.

Mental body cellular healing $333.00 per session.

Space time configuration reset $333.00 per session.

Holographic Re-patterning. $444.00 per session.

Light Master etheric Surgery. $444.00 session, Arcturian modality system.

Light Body Integration. $444.00 per session.

Etheric implant removal. $333.00 per session

Karma Matrix removal and clearing session. $333.00 per session.

Career path analysis. $244.00 one hour session.

Clearing of entities. $244.00 one hour session.

Timeline line assessment, space time configuration analysis. $244.00 one hour session.

Axiotonal Cosmic, Holographic grid alignment and meridian clearing. $444.00 in person only.

Nightshadow Skywatching. $111.00 per person Colorado Rockies, Maui.

Celestial heritage, DNA accessing and cellular memory and trauma release. $333.00 Assessment and distant healing.

Light-Master Surgery and Holographic Grid Repair. $444.00 session.

Remote Viewing, Ascended Machine Language $444.00 session or classes available.

Synthetic Telepathy analysis and interface $244.00 per session.

Natural Telepathy and the flow of Universal Consciousness $244.00 per session.

Atlantean Healing Session. $333.00 per session.

CHI FORCE harnessing and tune up.$244.00 per session.

REIKI Healing Session. $333.00 per session

Atlantean Healing Session $333.00 per session

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Vision quest, lucid timeline walk-through cellular recall $333.00 per session

Paranormal residential remote scans and assistance $244.00 per session. In person assistance $444.00.


Ms. BlueRaven is the founder of Ascension Point Boulder founded in 1995 and is the owner and CEO of Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives.

She is the Grand High Priestess and founder of Boulder Witches Black Hat Society and Blue Star Fortress Coven.

Enochian Initiations. by Ms. BlueRaven's approval only

Reiki, I,II,III Master Teacher Level Series. Instruction classes only in person. By Ms. BlueRaven's approval only.

Blue Star Celestial Healing Series: Instruction in person only. By Ms. BlueRaven's approval only.

RA Sheeba levels 1, II, III. Ms. BlueRaven's approval only.

Attunements and initiations are available by Ms. BlueRaven's approval only.

Contact Ms. BlueRaven for rates regarding initiation.

Radionics, Higher Light Integration, Light Body Activation, Merkaba Activation are done as a private session in person or at a workshop.

Attunements: Melchizedek,Shakti, Fire of Egypt, Temple of Star Goddess, Celestial light language. Contact Ms. BlueRaven for the initiates list of attunements and initiations. See her published book "Transmutation Through Ascension", Soul of the Son". Published in 2004.

Note: This data is a collective of my professional background, initiations and teachings. I am a certified specialist in these areas. My cosmic signature pertaining to my classes and private sessions are specific, technological and unique. More to come.

Ms. BlueRaven is available for sponsored workshops. Coming soon virtual classes and online workshops.

I found a Synthetic telepathy page on her site, too...:

Synthetic or Artificial Telepathy

Remote neural interface based on a transmission of signal inter-connecting onto a target or host.

"Neural network" usually refers to models employed in statistics, cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence. Neural network models which command the central nervous system and the rest of the brain are a black neuroscience and computational neuroscience.

Synthetic Telepathy

There are many forms of telepathy. The mind being a holographic unit and multidimensional is capable of infinite data streams running simultaneously. Society is not programmed to use their minds on a multi-dimensional level. They have been dumbed down by unhealthy information and lifestyles. (So far I'm impressed, similar to the Seth-Books)

Ancient records would indicate there were those with Advanced abilities who did indeed hear communication,transmissions etc. It takes on many forms. Sometimes in the form of art,writing,inspiration,healing,music,sciences or many other avenues if only in small fractals. None the less it exists. A geometric light language undefinable in hyper dimensional space. (oh, ohh, she is beginning to dazzle her reader with nothing)

When one understands this blue world one would better understand the anomalies which impact our daily experiences. Most of the time the mass society is too busy to notice the sounding of an Earth in communication with other planets and universes including us as a life form. Mankind has his own mock radio signals jamming up the airspace. It is indeed a busy and noisy planet and what I would call non productive. (taking on the god-perspective, i see)

Believe it or not this planet is alive and conscious. It contains a true Celestial Akashic which no man not even in ancient mystery schools has deciphered with accuracy. (Is she channeling this crap or making it up? The "Akashic Records" is garbage from the wwCult and that is why they disliked Jane Roberts and even Seth.) To ignore this sounding in communication is to have ones life out of sync and balance with natural harmonics on a universal level. Mankind has ignored this sounding for a very long time. Those who have been able to tap into it and navigate have been persecuted in one way or another. ( I thought her title is "Synthetic Telepathy" not "the psychic Earth.")

If you take mans misperception out of the equation, his laws, forced belief systems,programming,impressions and need to control you will see a veil uncovered which will radiate pure truth,enlightenment,knowledge and unlimited freedom. (but her covert brainchip interference is hindering this she said in other interviews... and that is the synthetic telepathy devices)

This planet is a time machine beyond time merged with many dimensions,worlds and universes all in harmony with multiple world realities. These realities collide with the false realities and dictatorships of mankind. (no... they all just intermesh with all co-creators having fun together... the murderous thUgs have not murdered me, I help them destroy themselves... in a passive way. God has no use beyond the physical framework to have murderous thUgs running around... haa! )

With planetary and universal Ascension in the now and the event Horizon making its affects known to us through the subconscious one can pay witness to the fragmentation of linear worlds. Worlds which have no foundation in any universe or star system. This goes for the beliefs created in them. The time trap is indeed created by man as there truly is no time and never was. Time is used as a benchmark for experience in navigation for traversing nothing more. (Wow this is sooooo deep, what is she talking about? Does a dog experience the illusion of time, too? Time is framework based I would critically think it is. Wow, she is so deep I do not understand all of her inter meshing concepts here. And she does not delineate any of them... I was thinking of buying one of her books to support her fighting efforts against the thUgs.)

Telepathy is a natural ability which most people have forgotten how to use. Celestial races are natural telepaths. I am not talking greys or reptiles yet the true Celestial races who have never abused this natural gift. ( is this "Angel" talk?)

With true planetary Ascension these natural gifts amplify as the vibrational speed and frequency increases. This increase creates a major multi-universal shift in the subatomic fields. People then alter in DNA,Light harmonic and consciousness on a higher level of their divinity. That is what true planetary Ascension and 2012 is about. (this is pre-2012 writing... her fluffiness is not so fluffy anymore, oh boy...)

There are those who oppose this process as they have no power,control or influence in the vastness of a multi-universal realm. (is this her sudden reference to the Synthetic side of things, made by her enemy, the Freemasons?)

These areas which I will call man made systems know it hence one will observe frequency fences,psychotronic weapons to attack the sacred mind,MK Ultra forced belief systems, and of course the man made religions of their version of god not to mention man made governments.

Synthetic telepathy is inter-phasing ones natural telepathy onto a communications system in a hard drive area. Mapping the holographic mind and at times using it as a weapon against the target. ( Wow... she build up to this exposure of the brainchip-hivemind A.i. attacks upon non-Cult people, well finally, good job Kat!)

I must tell you I have ethics. I do not support the misuse of technology especially when the mind which is sacred is at risk. The last sacred temple is the holographic mind. The ultimate in violation.

God helmet or not these parallels reflect a version of an Atlantean war all over again.
(very good ending Kat... The synthetic telepathy attacks upon you and others is after a brainchip is installed covertly after the body is saturated with magnetic nano-particles within food and drink. Nana-tech the size of a spec of dirt uses the microwave within the air to pull out power just like Tesla displayed with his remote control boat that had no batteries... It ran off of the microwave induction.
Brainchips which need the microwaves to render the mind unconscious instantly and remote-controlling the bio-robot also can cause a minute pain in the skull. larger magnetic beam weapons can be set-up by select Freemasons to traumatize the target with much more painful experiences.
You said almost nothing about technology that creates synthetic telepathy nor even synthetic telepathy effects nor experiences, yet that is the title of this article... I have to give you a fail and I will not buy one of your books as a result. I was curious just what your opinion and experiences were but you evaded all of that and I know you have lots to say about it, Katliana.)

Ms.Solaris BlueRaven

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