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President Trump Slams Fake News Reporters About Commuting Roger Stone's Sentence: 'Very happy with what I did'

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Published on 11 Jul 2020 / In News and Politics

President Donald Trump also tweeted that his former campaign aide "was targeted by an illegal Witch Hunt that never should have taken place."

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 6 months ago

Conjunction in The Conjecture

If people knew how many of their FELLOW CITIZENS were in on the Lie of Fake Hospitals, Fake Space Patrols, and Fake and False Governments and Gods, then WE THE PEOPLE would no longer allow these people to live off the PUBLIC FUNDS that come from all our TAXES – TITHES – Tribute… Knowing WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against The RULE OF LAW` that would make any person from the WAR HERO to the TERRORIST of the Same Grade in Class, and that being People whom WANT TO MURDER and BREAK THE LAW as the Lawless ones… I once looked up to Those in The Military, but now I know them Weapons of Mass Destruction Destroyed the whole wide world in the COVER UP of The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854…

I have also come to COMPREHEND that the [Inks on Papers] #QANON /_\ we are shown from EVERY Book, Magazine, and all the other TECHNOLOGICAL Things are just FAKE FAKE FAKE, and there was no Civil War as Presented in the Annals of the Concordances… That even World War One and World War Two was NOTHING MORE then a WAR between the Light Skin BLUE EYES too have Domination OVER every Nation called the U.N. FLAG…..., and to this grave mark on our people, these people did all the 5G (COVID19) Eugenics that turned ONE PEOPLE of One Skin Tone and One Eye Color into the COLOREDS WE ALL BE… For the GREAT WARS have raged on for over 10,000 Years, and that is why The Bible never spoke about {EYE COLOUR} [{**}] in them masterful predicaments of WE THE PEOPLE…

It is a Grave mistake to think and know that just by Graven MOVING Images, and Engravings placed on PRE MUD FLOOD Stones in our POST MUD FLOOD World that Evil Spirits “played no part” in the SOCIAL DISTANCING….., and Social Isolation of these DAYS OF NOAH Returned… How THEY LIVE have tricked……., and treated WE ARE into War after War after War for Pieces of Metals that Grow in OUR Father Flat Earth, How Make up is and will “always be” FACE PAINT, and the True MASK of Slavery where all our WOMBMEN must put on that PAINT to hide their FACES from their MALES cause EVIL SPIRITS in the minds of the Many say: The FEMALE Face has “NO Values” without Cosmetics to hide their natural born perfection!!!

Christ Jesus – Paul The Apostle – Peter The Rock was all the same person, and once you see that He was just A Flesh, and Blood, and Bones TEMPORARY Human while all these Immaterial Immortals try to sway we the Human Population to kill, and rape, and murder “one another” cause THEY SAY: War is Legal, and It is not killing, or Murder of one Another’ if you call it Collateral Damage, and then turn all “we the people” into Product known as THE CONSUMER… Tell me this WAR HERO, how many of WE THE PEOPLE did you kill, and Murder, and rape to live in an EMPTY House with Empty Thoughts in your “Empty Life” as you taught other Boys and Girls to do your SAME Crimes, and Shames, and Madness.?.?.? Oh you foolish persons whom CHOOSE TO KILL, you will never find your way home cause you’t took away the homes of “so many” OTHERS known as your Brothers and Sisters in this Purgatorial Spiritual Magistrate!!!

Johnny Exodice


CASH IN YOUR PENSION, Set up a Business in a SMALL TOWN, and leave and Abandon all these EMPTY “U.N. FLAGS” Mega Cities to find some companionship, community, and consolations at the END OF AN AGE and the World in 2094 C.E.

The Sentinel…


It is real simple to make a Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb, you just get Oxygen Gas and Hydrogen Gas, and then put them into a PROPANE Tank, and you got a 1 Mile Wide Bomb when done in Liquid Form... The Society of nonmason~ ANYONE can make a H2O Bomb go BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!


The Rag Tag Rebellion of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…


Our Home World this {Celestial Sphere} of PURGATORY will end in 2094 C.E. and those whom have eyes to see……., and ears to hear know THE GREAT WORK our Holographic Simulation VIRTUAL REALITY “Lives” are but trapped in the ETERNAL MOMENT till these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones Body Temple Avatars die [to be Judged] /-\ by The Source of All Creation and All Destruction, so do not say: There are no EVIL SPIRITS in our Minds, for only The Dammed, The Forsaken, and the Cursed TOO HELL and HADES (for all time) [{*}] would want to Trick or Treat you into never leaving PURGATORY!!!

The Southern Republic...


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FeeLinFree 6 months ago

Can't wait to see them all swing!!!!!! Thank God for President Trump and the Patriots who truly love our Country and our Freedoms! MSM needs to implode!

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SniperNeil 6 months ago

If Sullivan upholds Flynn's charges being withdrawn, it will all come out and those involved from Obama down will be held accountable. That is why he is under orders from Obama to NOT allow the charges to be dropped.

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