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President Trump Inspects The Border Wall & Speaks To The Nation - Alamo TX Jan 12, 2021

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

President Donald Trump addresses the nation from the southern border where he reiterated the law and order movement of peace to empower the American people.
Original video: ⁣https://www.facebook.com/41428....0728767306/videos/28

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Those whom live off our TAXES live as Kings and Queens while we STARVE

Now that I know the Southern Hemisphere is just as OPPRESSED as We The People of this Northern Hemisphere inside this {Celestial Sphere} why don’t we look at how our World Leaders and all these FREE MASON [T.V Show] people live cause THEY LIVE are all “welfare” babies from Donald the FAKE JEW Trump to Joe Biden the “Zionist” from the Other Side of the world… Have you never taken the time my nonmason TAX PAYING Citizen too see how these WELFARE BABIES actually play you.?.?.? Be it the MAYOR in your Small Town [regardless] of what OCCUPATION U.N. Flag flies in YOUR Court Room Judges, to your Prison “Wardens” whom do MURDER YOU by trying too say Death by EXECUTION is only killing.?.?.?, and WAR IS MURDER is only Collateral Damage???, and yet MURDER is against the LAW of Our Gods and Goddesses, but what do the MASON Care, they Run The Senate – Congress – Parliament, and these People of SEDITION and Treachery say: Give the People a {$600.00 check} that was OUR MONEY ALL ALONG while they live in Mansions called The Rich and Famous in OUR Home Towns.?.?.?.?.?

It is well known now that WE NEVER LANDED on the Moon, and that in this Two Sided As Above / So Below Celestial Sphere Planet where “those” whom attend these FREE MASON Lodges are these U.N. Troops of the World Police “spying” on we whom PAY ALL TAXES in our LOCAL Communities, so they can point Weapons: paid for by our Taxes as all Police and Military regardless of whatever U.N. FLAG lives off of OUR Fellow Citizens WELFARE Checks’ called [TAX Collectors] in the NEW TESTAMENT, and since we are still Fulfilling the Holy Bible, Koran, to you name your {Ink on Paper} RELIGIONS where once again, just like our Presidents are called Your EXCELLENCY, and Your Majesties these Religions LEADERSHIP also Live off of [OUR MONEY] once again telling WE THE PEOPLE Lies when it come to the Needs, and Wants, and “Desires” of Their Made up Exclusionary Gods when Allah can not defeat the USA in WAR nor can the God of the JEW free the people of Palestine, and what of the USA where Church after Church our Preachers live in Mansions as well {all the while} we the POOR go without cause All GOVERNMENTS are “Religions” whom live off of our Welfare called Taxes – Tithes – Tribute.?.?.?.?

What ever is happening in {The Southern Republic} of our Celestial Sphere, it needs to now happen here in [The Northern Republic] of our Shared FLAT EARTH: for whatever is in this INNER EARTH that both sides share being we the Northern Tribe and our True Allies the Southern Tribe, we are all oppressed by MILITARY PEOPLE whom also live off of our {Taxes and Welfare} and Charity, and what do these Military Commando “Commanders” do with our MONEY.?.?.? They make we the nonmason POPULATIONS commit “ACTS” of Perdition, and Iniquity, and MURDER as War is not about killing your ENEMY for WE THE PEOPLE have [no enemy] but these Militant Terrorist Generals, and their FREE MASON Lodge Members whom all say: Go do WAR IS MURDER cause we want {you the people} whom we live off of your Charity: called the WELFARE of all these Taxes can let WE The Community LEADERSHIP [live like] Lords, and Dukes, and Barron's, and all other Knightly Names, yet if WE THE PEOPLE aka the nonmason would just STOP {killing each-other} for their TV {NEWS} World Order ENTERTAINMENT called: THE RAPTURE of these Televisions and these Screens of SOCERY filled with Lies – Delusions – Monsters while [THEM People] that live off of our TAXES are the Real {Pirates and Vampires} sucking our Nations Treasuries “dry” for their IMF World Bank called: CENTRAL BANKS in all “our” Home Lands…

The MASON say: Ask one to be one… And what does it mean to {ASK a Liar} for The Truth??? It means once you become A MASON, you’m have been [Tricked or Treated] into BETRAYING your OATH OF OFFICE and your local community, so the Mayor, and the City Council, and The School Boards can all “lie” about why THEY NEVER FIX OUR ROADS {no matter} how Rich or Poor we Their Fellow Citizens might [think we are] in this Stocks and Bonds of Up and Down day after day after day after day as THE SHOW MUST GO ON in this ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE!!! I would not pay taxes till I HAVE A SAY in the LAWS: for Drugs can all be made LEGAL and safe, Sex for Pay aka Prostitution can be made LEGAL and Safe, and Even Gambling too making our own Booze can be made LEGAL if we the nonmason U.N. {Tax Paying Citizens} had any say in the LAWS where we live, but The Religions, and their Corporation Governments whom live off of OUR MONEY that we give to them: too allow “THEM” to tell us what we can do, when we can do it, and HOW we can do it???????, and if the Word EMPLOYEE does not Mean SLAVE` then I do not know what does my People and Children of Pak-Toe for The Racka have taken all even our Right to THINK of What do I Want.?.?.?, not What does This “Occupation” U.N. FLAGS GOVERNMENT WANT!!!

Johnny Exodice


As you can see and hear my People from the Southern Kingdom, we of the Northern Kingdom are just as oppressed by these {U.N. Troops} on BOTH SIDES of our Celestial Sphere, and we would do well to Attack the [D.U.M.B.S.] of them in the INNER EARTH cause they are the ones controlling and MANIPULATING all the Weather Weapons, Sun Shields, Trillion Watt Lazers, and these so called “Scientist” with their Theories – Conjuncture – Speculation: made these 5G TIME JUMP Cell by Cell Towers that will send us all back {200 years} +=+ when activated as each TIME JUMP causes Tears and Ripping of our Waking Walking Reality……., and I have already told you: This place can not take one more [TIME JUMP] for these TIME LOOPS of their {De-Ja-Vu} Oraborus Game of DO AS WE SAY: called We are The U.N. Government {World Religion} of The Cursed, The Damned, and The Forsaken, and since we have been doing this TIME LOOP JUMP for over 21,000 Years…….., is it not TIME to go home rather than [perish] in this Dying Celestial Sphere????

The Society of nonmason~

Whom are {These People} too decide YOUR Fate, Your Luck, and Your Destiny: when WE THE PEOPLE have “no say” in what they do……... OR Proclaim???

The Sentinel...

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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