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Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

President Trump Message

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tv10morehead 1 month ago

There is a MERS shot from 2019 developed in the same way but who wants to alter their DNA or trust these reprobate mind mammon worshipers know what they are doing? "Father forgive them they know not what they do" ? . ANY leader is prone to being surrounded by a PRAETORIAN GUARD that is telling him what he wants to hear and what they want him to know, remember his complaint to the INTEL Briefs "you told me that yesterday, I don't need to hear it again!" Ticking off the National Security people and part of why Chucky Schumer said "he's not a smart businessman since they can mess with HIM 6ways from Sunday" ; GO BACK AND WATCH OR REWATCH THE CLASSIC "MEET JOHN DOE" with Gary Cooper, a 1940 Trump MAGA story with a parody of William Randolf Hurst out to trash his own political movement to stop him losing control of it. The III %'ers per-centers might not agree and the HISTORY of this country or LAND is a history of Hostile take over when courts or Jury Box and Ballot Box fail all that is left is the CARTRIDGE BOX and that is a pattern in HISTORY and that is why the black robed man's law priests are big on Courts providing Remedy. Not in this election, no remedy or even a hearing of the evidences was allowed. The Jay Seculo "Seculo LIVE" show flipped from Monday to Thursday from echos of the Snews networks Monday to Thursday they were talking time line and planning and said nothing about those blaming Antifa. It is not good for a man to get drunk and walk around in public but the police by putting a skirt clad woman with no underware on outside that bar to do a "Hey I showed you mine , show me yours to get that drunk to whip it out , is that playing fair or even legal ? The crowd with some actual MAGA / Trump 'stop the steal' supporters was fooled by a few dozen instigators NO ? Go look at the evidence. Talk to those there, you will find the media and Biden installers were all in on trashing the MAGA movement.

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Yeader 1 month ago

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Mounfem1969 1 month ago

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Englishelley 1 month ago

I'm not seeing how old these post are before I tap on them I don't want to waste time to find I'm opening something that was 2+ years ago

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