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Pr C. Busby: Depleted Uranium Fallujah health effects, new U weapons. Nov 2011

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Published on 23 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Prof Chris Busby was invited to Stockholm on Nov 19th 2011 to present the results of the studies he made with his colleagues into the health effects in and contamination of Fallujah Iraq. He begins by showing a video of a small modern ground based missile that is capable of atomising a tank, and asks what kind of explosive warhead could have such power? The studies, carried out with Malak Hamdan , Samira Alaani, Eleonore Blaurock Busch and others showed unbelieveable levels of cancer and congenital malformation which appeared after the 2004 US led attack of the city. Leukemia and other cancer increases were greater than those produced by Hiroshima. For the first time, Busby presents specific data on congenital malformations in Fallujah from a yet unpublished study. The cause of these effects was found by analysing the hair of the parents of the children with congenital malformations. It was Enriched Uranium which, Busby argues, must be some component of a new type of weapon. He believes that this discovery is what is behind the recent global operation to destroy his scientific credibility, as this is a secret that was not meant to become public.

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