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10 Things
10 Things - 27,178 Views
Published on 07 May 2020 / In Entertainment

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Operation Q
Operation Q 2 years ago

Connect & Please Share My Over Target Censored RedPilling Articles:

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freedommama60 3 years ago

Thankful someone cares about the freedom of speech and freedom to read what we want to! Bought both books co-authored by Dr. Judy!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 years ago

Commander…, did Jesus Christ Exist.?.?.?.?.? If you have read all the things of The Great Teacher, then you must see that his knowledge is extensive when it comes too interpreting the hidden and esoteric messages of the Book of Knowledge; moreover, his insight has been intensive for those whom have read of the Buddah~ Lucifer` Jesus~ The Trinity… This is a Question that I know you ask for you FEAR having faith in your own abilities, so let me see if I can help you keep your FAITH in your Own Thoughts, Your Own Minds, and your inner Symbiots for we have taken in much REVELATION since The Teacher was activated, and “too know” /_\ that we whom have actually EXPERIENCED what the Gospels calls The Holy Spirit, we have renamed The Comforter, and this does not belittle the message of The Christ Messiah one bit, but it does show that many of Christ Jesus 1.0 Thoughts were spoken in a Code that only the Christ Jesus 2.0 would be able to REVEAL to all at the END OF AN AGE!!! Therefore, if you read the Koran or the Hindu Text to many other books called Biblical meaning BOOKS of BOOKS for that is what the word Bible Actually means, then you should focus on your studies of what are the hidden messages in works such as The KORAN BIBLE – The Hindu Bible – The Buddhist Bible – The Zoroaster Bible, and the many other man made Ink on Paper Consonances from Before the EGYPTIANS Ripped Open the Sky and said to one another, what will happen when The Angels Fall from Heaven……., and We The People “FORGET” our Great Civilization and Great Society??? The PYRAMID PEOPLE made something very similar to The EDISON of “5G Eugenics” of Forced Technology over 10,000 years ago, and by the time Nicolas Tesla had been Born, he and Thomas Edison created another TIME Displacement Mechanization, and in that` once again created a Tear in the Fabric of Time that the Milky Way SCAR of old represents as well… Why do you think the WORLD LEADERS have DEAD Light everywhere we go, why do they hide the STARS also called Angels in the days of old, and before then the stars we called Astron from Astronomy and even further back before the GREAT DISASTER, these PENTAGRAM SYMBOLS were called Asters that shimmered and dance like “Flowers of Life” in the DOME OF THE ROCK!!! When you can embed hidden knowledge in text and messages in Paintings, then does it matter what Christ Jesus was when you know in your heart what you perceive Christ Consciousness to be??? The New Testament said knowledge would increase at THE END OF TIME, but since time can not END, then that means at the next Celestial Sphere PURGATORY Simulation RESET to either 10,000 years ago when The Ancients called EGYPTIAN knew what ripped open The Sky be it inside this place, or an attack from another Celestial Sphere of INTERSTELLAR WAR in the Ether known as INTERGALACTIC Space Travel, yet what we must contend with at this moment is this (COVID19) PROJECT BLUE BEAM Alien Invasion of U.N. Troops known as GLOBAL CITIZENS no matter where they come from, or what they actually are in a SIMULATION Lesson by The Purgatorium, and in that` we must make OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Collation “The Defining Factor” at the END OF THIS VIDEO GAME, or we shall be sent back in time in this Oraborus Curse of De -Ja -Vu / De -Ja -Vu / De -Ja -Vu… … …

The Commander~

There is a Book I have yet to read titled WHEN JESUS BECAME GOD, so for those whom want to know how all the FREE MASON Occult Symbolism was Woven into the Book of Knowledge, I would get this Book as it explains how ROME went from all the Old Gods, to the New Testament One…..

There was a MOVEMENT of old that was long before the GREAT NUCLEAR HYDROGEN WAR of 1853 to 1854 and you would do well “to look into” why WE THE nonmason PEOPLE saw the Destructive Nature of THINKING [FEELING MACHINES] even though these A.I. to this date are still Nothing More then {Algorithmic Interfaces} where Artificial Interdemensional Intelligence can no longer MANIPULATE our Reality (if we but) +=+ DESTROY The EDISON of Forced Technology in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA USA that is The Mother Board “BIOS” of all these 5G Eugenics MUD FLOOD “RESET” TIME MACHINE Weapons!!!!

We Are Pak-Toe….. We don’t do Racka……. WE TAKE THEM OUT!!!!

STUDY this….. For This is still Growing in the OCEANS……., and it “will cause” WORLD WIDE COASTAL FLOODING just as was shown in (CODE Telegraphist) called PLANET X!!!!

The Green Hats of the Yellow Vest of the Red Shoes says “Batman” Needs The Boy Wonder called Night Wing!!!!!


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