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Plandemic is a Smokescreen; COVID-19 = SATAN'S-SHEEP-SLAUGHTER (Covid-scam is a SS wwCult-plan to remove the placenta of unsworns from their Fiery Phoenix "Great Work")

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Published on 05 May 2021 / In Technology

This video is a year old... You can see that "Rooster" on was correct about the fake-Vaccine. I tred to get onto the "Strategic Intelligence Platform"
but you need to become a "digital member" to access this (disk and wreath) war-map. (link went dead, I find this often happens when I expose, so try this is it stays dead:)

Here you go, the winged disk

This disk also represents the doctrine or the A.I. computer while the wings are the feathers of control or interaction. The modern UN symbol of the "grid-covered globe surrounded by the wreath" is also the ancient symbol "disk with feathery-wings"
Even this interactive, disk-like, strategic-intelligence-map has masonic overtones... haa!
With a bit of critical thinking, you will realize that A.I. is not new... it is very ancient and existed before Homo sapiens existed.

Code Name:

Event 201:

Rock(efeller foundation):
Spars plandemic 2025... advanced to 2020:

The source: Rooster at "911 Pathway to Armageddon" follow the info at the end of the video.
Rooster has discovered and shows you the encyclopedia of battle-plans that the masons and SS love to claim "We hide nothing... You simply had to open your eyes."

Their "great work" is masonic: but the minions lap their tongues between the toes of their treacherous-masters, the ancient-race, Homo capensis.

These thUgs think that this is a good enough excuse for murderous-intent and acts of genocide. Their soul-fragments are decaying away towards spiritual-oblivion, but they are numb and cannot feel their self-annihilation as it happens to them. This is within the design of the multiverse in order to entrap the ugly-egos or ugly-minds that they have all chosen to develop. They are upon the path of the pathetic failures, All-That-Is has no use for such idiocy after they serve their physical purpose to boost the development of the worthy souls. "Bye, bye, shit-hearted pie"... all baked into a smelly, collective of brainwashed-thUgs.

North America Freemasons are planning to ammalgamate USA, Canada and Mexico into one fortress to battle the rest of the world to impose the NWO world governance ... yes, ram it down everyone's throats along with their fake-god that is just an A.I.supercomputer called Lucifer, no doubt.

The NAFTA documents are sealed from study until the year 2030 (according to Rocco Galati)... the agreement was sealed from public viewing in the early 1990s. What are the masons hiding in there?

The Masons think the ancient-thUgs tell the truth about the A.I.Computer mind-upload and the singularity of vast consciousness... they trick the human-thUgs into service with such lies and then trick them to commit suicide by fake mind-uploading into A.I. A case of deceiving the deceivers, the ancients will laugh that it is poetic justice and a worthy way to exterminate such pathetic souls.

The spiritual journey that you have chosen is to filter through the lies and discover the truth. If you think someone else will pave the way towards truth for you, to manifest a more loving world for you with no effort nor self-development on your part... then the world of thUgtopia will likely swallow you all up. That is what laziness is... expecting everthing with one simple belief and no critical thinking.

If you were lazy in the past or fearful of death by the secret-society assassins then now is your last chance to awaken to your own inner power and take your world back from the network of Mystery School Cult minions and thUgs.

It is that simple, you must actively choose your path through the probabilities or the thUgs will choose your path for you. It is really up to you to begin taking control of the direction of your future.

This book will definitely help you realize your spiritual challenge towards success that was filtered out of the bible by the Cult centuries ago. You cannot be fearful nor lazy in this quest... or at least avoid these two hindrances against spiritual success need to be nullified. Nobody is coming to save your ass. If you are expecting a saviour to do your work for you, you are very wrong. You are here to succeed, not fail while waiting for someone to come die for you. You are given your entire life to prepare for critical times. That time is upon us now as you can no longer deny that murderous thUgs are networking in the shadows or your crumbling society.
If you cannot find a hardcopy, then here is a softcopy at the bottom of the "Secutar Humanist" vid:

Your Creator-God, All-That-Is has made you much more powerful than what you can even imagine. The loving souls open their own doors to eternity while the murderous-thUgs decay their souls towards oblivion.

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JamesRoss 1 year ago  

2016 Plandemic evidence to use Tear-Gas against protestors in Canada:

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Here you go, the winged disk

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Good Teachers are being weeded out in exchange for wicked Cult teachers serving the Luciferians or brainchip-hivemind-Cult of the Mystery School:
All hivemind teachers need to be replaced with good-teachers who don't push the wicked agenda2020

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

Very good…

Dr. Sean Hross has done a very good job exposing the Templars genociding the non-Cult people of the past and today. The are mostly called the Freemasons across North America:

The Mystery School Cult began to get their Rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel (tob ezyro com) by the Vietnam War: using a Rambo brainchip to make super-soldiers to genocide more effectively from the Mystery Cult murderous thUgs:

They are about to use religious mind-control for the last time as you can see with the islamic right to murder infidels: Old World Order population control was religious wars.

Now, the NEW WORLD ORDER A.I. controlled world tyranny instructs all the secret-society minions what to do my hivemind… The Georgia Guidestones called the hivemind “The Living New Language” It is an ancient method that the Homo capensis(who the Freemasons hide) used to impede all other homonids from developing a civilization. All were kept in tribes or destroyed using high-tech weapons, but allowed to remain simple cultures:

The Tower-Of-Babel is synthetic telepathy and touch-less torture. (brainchipzombies unaux com)
It will kill first the unsworn, then it will eliminate the faithful islamics, then the last of true Homo sapiens will be tricked into fake-mind uploads into the supercomputer A.I., but it will actually be suicide. That is what appears to be the plan of Homo capensis Lady Gadfly is just a Cult slave/minion like Madonna and the other grand-standers.

But you can realize your Personal Power in the Present by realizing that this universe is actually a multidimensional multiverse controlled by choosing probability paths. You get better at taking the control away from the thUgs by expanding your intuition to foresee better paths to survive the genocide without having to kill a single thUg… the wicked, murderous thUgs will kill themselves instead if you study to develop your new powers. Study the Seth-Books that came from All-That-Is to help you avoid genocide by the Freemasons thUgs. Wicked-souls who murder will die by their own hand.

Here the wisdom informs that the future destruction of New Atlantis will be because the Freemasons tainted their quest with murder rather than creating a loving Atlantis instead: The murderous thUgs have again choses self-annihilation by their own wicked desires. The good-willed people who lovingly develop their use of spiritual-wholesomeness will achieve much much more by understanding the multiverse properties and how to chose the better probable-worlds to end up within. All it will that is good-intent and good-effort.

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cyma 2 years ago

just stay off the internet

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JamesRoss 2 years ago

Yes, I started producing 1000s of CDs like and handing them out to "TVbabies" to open their minds to the 3rd-worldization, planned austerity, with financial collapse of the debt-system and a computer enhanced technocracy that the mass media, were hiding.
You need to know who is attacking you before you can defend with a counter. Many use vague names like "Globalist" or “Collectivist” rather than calling a thug, a Freemasonic Cult minion.

I was identified by the Secret-Societies for sharing my CDs and they determined that I was not part of a group so they began trying to murder me in 2006. But I was already empowered by realizing the multidimensional universe by reading the Seth-Books. Those Books claimed that we all create our own reality and that human dies without spiritual agreement. I did not wish to die. I was empowered with my Present Point of Power... and you can have this too.
The Freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs joined the Assassins Sect with the Templars over a thousand years ago. They have tried murdering me so many times I lost count. Hundreds. I am empowered with the knowledge that they destroy their souls with all their murderous intent and attempts. No spiritual being is designed to murder even for a fake cause like the NWO and it’s fake Utopia of murderous thUgs. The murderous Mystery School Cult is a secret, dying organization of thUgs who were tricked into decaying their souls for a lie and you can empower yourself with this knowledge to stand up for good intent a multidimensional long life.

The Seth-Books teach that because of the multiverse of infinite choices and probabilities, you oversoul or Source-Self will keep your consciousness with the living, not with the dead. So death should not be feared because you are multidimensional with good-intentions protecting where your time-lines take you.
It took me years to realize why after 15 years of attempted murders that I am still alive... Death is not what it seems, I have died many times when my life flashed before my eyes, but my Oversoul kept me in the living world of my choice... even before the the SS assassins began destroying their own souls trying to knock me off.
You can learn your true spiritual self by studying the concepts within the Seth Books.

This is your anti Covid, anti secret-society heroic call to take control of where your conscious mind goes. It is kind of god-like, as you are part of All-That-Is and you will live a long life is you learn how to pick your ways through the probabilities.

Time has come to empower yourself, good-people. The wicked and murderous people will have to live through a hideous future, I can only imagine how the hate and self-righteous greed twists their hearts. No thanks, not for me. Their thUgtopia awaits them.

Seth claimed that a time will come when major splits occur in the main probabilities. This Covid vaccine deception is likely what was prophesied. But the brainchip hivemind zombie apocalypse appears to be festering in thUgtopia, also.

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