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Planck Time - The shortest measure of time

The Human Collective
Published on 04 Feb 2023 / In Science

We have looked at the smallest thing in the universe and I think my head has recovered from that, so what about the shortest amount of time possible. This is Planck time and is very strange indeed, let’s find out more.

Planck time is defined as the time taken for light in a vacuum to travel 1 Planck length. Now I’ve already made a video about the Planck length that you can go and watch, but spoiler alert, the plank length is really tiny. That means that the time taken for light to travel across 1 Planck length is very short indeed. In fact it is 5.39 times 10 to the minus 44 seconds. That’s about this much. OK so we’re going to try and imagine just how mind meltingly short the plank time is, but just like we did with the Planck length we’re going to get there in stages.

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