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Pfizer says Covid-19 vaccine efficacy weaken overtime

BsbidenFjoe - 165 Views
Published on 17 Sep 2021 / In Health

Looking For Truth : No Manipulation.

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Captain Danger
Captain Danger 1 month ago

of course they will say that. They want to keep pumping this shit into us until we are all so weak we cannot fight back. anyone thinks these people are here to help you are naïve. Once one person died the 'testing' should have been over. Many I talk to are beginning to wear down from the bullying and peer pressure to get a shot that no one knows the long term effects of so much so they will compromise their lives over their jobs or education which, if you are dead, mean nothing. It's sad, how misguided intelligent people can become when brow-beaten into submission. Each day that passes I am less likely to vaccinate under any circumstance. I know I am going to lose many who vaccinated alot sooner than even they realize.

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