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Petition To Change Washington Team Back To Redskins. 😀😂🤣😈🪶✒🏈

superdavebeastula - 298 Views
Published on 22 Sep 2023 / In Entertainment

Once again, the woke culture is blowing up in the faces of the SJWs. Descendants of the actual Redskin tribe are passed that the name of the Washington Team was changed in the first place.

Here's the article from Change that we used.

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TwoFeather 3 months ago

to be "politically correct" since washington d.c. residential population is 98% to 99% Black
they should change the name to washington Black Skins.
or if you want name teams by the percentage of people in the stands who pay to be there
then name them the washington White Skins, since white people out number any other color of people in the stands.

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