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Peace Terrorist
Peace Terrorist - 278 Views
Published on 04 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

"Honor Among Thieves"
Sylvain White
David Slack
November 11, 2014, air date
show synopsis,
The latest number is Tomas Koroa. His life at first appears clean, but then he robs a jewelry store in under ten seconds, revealing he is an international thief. Shaw, having just walked out of her old job as a wheelman, has her interest piqued by Tomas. Fusco and Reese get one of his members arrested on a drug charge, enabling her to join his gang. Shaw helps rob a safe, which unexpectedly contains not jewels but a deadly virus (Marburg, or "MARV"). The other gang members have been paid off to betray and kill Tomas. Their attempt fails, but they take the vials. Shaw offers to help Tomas, who wants to make things right and says he would never have accepted the job if he had known what he was stealing. Shaw tracks the virus to a secure storage facility, then realizes that two government operatives are doing the same thing—she recognizes one as a former apprentice of hers. Finch, aware that the whole operation is now 'relevant', contemplates he and his team retiring from the pursuit, but decides to keep going. In the meantime, Shaw and Tomas attempt to break into the storage facility to get the vials, but they are confronted by one of Tomas' teammates, who had been presumed dead, but was behind the theft of the virus in the first place. A gunfight ensues between Shaw, Tomas, Tomas' rivals, and the government operatives. Shaw and Tomas escape with the vials, but are then caught by Shaw's former apprentice. He lets them go when he sees the vials. As the operatives move on to their next mission, Shaw's ex-apprentice deletes the CCTV video showing him letting Shaw escape. In the final scene, Samaritan retrieves the doctored video, and starts repairing it, with its screen focused on Shaw's blurred face. In a separate plotline, at The Machine's prompting, Root and Finch investigate software engineer Jared Wilkins, founder of new nonprofit OTPS and recipient of a $12 million grant from Governor Dawson (who last appeared in "Prophets" and is being assisted by Greer and Samaritan). Root becomes nanny to Wilkins' son, and she and Finch discover that OTPS stands for One Tablet Per Student, an effort to give every New York student a 3D-printed tablet for educational use. Believing the tablets to be powered by Samaritan software, Root and Finch infiltrate Wilkins' facility and plant a virus which overheats the 3D-printers inside and ultimately destroys the building. As they leave the scene, Finch reveals to Root that the tablets' code was benign and not malicious. He wonders out loud whether the path they are on to fight Samaritan is indeed the right one and how much wrong they are willing to do to achieve it.

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Ordering 60,000 laptops during a coronavirus pandemic called a daunting task

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