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People Don't Believe in Symbology And Mythology, But THEY Do!

The One And Only
The One And Only - 304 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2022 / In Spiritual

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

What kind of world are we going into come 2023…

It is known that there are many Cultures, but whom {decides} Qballs~ /-\ what is right and what is wrong when it come to the sexual [treatment] /_\ of little children.?.?.? Even though we are all in PURGATORY to "relive" THE MEMORY of Whom done what that turned our Home World (Globe) Earth Celestial Sphere into the Reflection of what was – what is – what will be: from the Book of Revelation' in the Holy Living Bible` where all MALES Religions oppress the Womb-men that give birth too all of Mankind.......,

had I wanted as one of these "types" of Capitalist CORPORATE Internationalist MALES in my Suit and Tie and Male Domination Religion SKIRT........., I could rape little girls and little boys under 8 years old all day long…

We know that you can type in {YOUNG TRANNY SEX} +=+ and get the PizzaGATE Satanist "Pornography" sights of little girls with dead grown men's dicks sewn into them, and no one NOT EVEN YOU whom read this seems to care to STOP it or do anything about it, why NOT even Bring Attention of it to your Friends and Family Members…, and why is that...

We know we Never Landed on the Moon because the REFLECTION known as the (Awful Horror) [{**}] in the Firmament of the DOME OF THE ROCK is beyond reach when it is but a Holographix VR [Projection] [{*}] of our Dead Home World of what was – what is – what will be in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME, and I know from Asia to Africa children should not be sex toys for these "Capitalist" and their (RAPE) PORN Internationalist Web Sites…

There was a time: all people were one, and from the Book of Genesis in (Day 6) when our God made OUR Mother Heaven and OUR Father Earth for we are and they live to make babies and breath and dance, but after the MUD FLOOD WARS in 1855 that old way of life died, and even our Real Home World {Crystal Ball} in the Night and Day skies called the MOON here in the Recreation by our God of Whom Done What, I dream of [Asians] Wombmen in my sleep, and the Black Hair Populations of Korean girls in massage parlors for old wilde men like me at 56 life years here in 2022…

When the CORPORATIONS and their International Capitalist of and for Capitalism (destroyed) all life in 1855 that we now incorporate back to 1812 too see further into the Wheat, and the Tares of SPACE FORCE Time Traversal DISTORTATION: known as We Angels and We Demons in these Flesh, and Blood, and Bones TEMPLES of Temporary Means as Human Avatar "Host" Bodies, since the [Bible] said it was the Angels that turned on God, thence, where did these Demons come from in that INK on PAPER book that did NOT turn on our God???

In an upside down world where Good is called Evil and Evil is called Good could it be the ANGELS like SATAN are The Racka in Mathew 5, and we Demons of Pak-Toe are the good guys presented and blamed for what ANGELS are doing to mankind with Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 when TV Lies about everything!!!!

DEMONS are to Protect the World, but Angels we actually know nothing but that the FREE MASON OTO and all their Thelema Worship ANGELS not demons, and these Jesuit Zionist Try to Control and Make DEMONS do their evil vile DEPLORABLE filthy will of VOO DOO / HEX / VEX / Enchantments, and all the Rest, but when the Fake Jews of Hollywood from the Book of Revelation control the CONTENT of Movies and NOVELS on we Angels and Demons in their Capitalist Ways' what we are shown as Demons` are Actually what the (Angels) do just as Paul the Apostate in the New Testament GOSPEL Spoke, even if an Angel of Light brings you a [Different] GOSPEL thence we preach, you'm are to not listen too the Human "Possessed" by an Angel not a Demon!!!!

For me as Christ Jesus Returned, all books {play a role} in the Defamation of an Angel like SATAN, and we the Demons in Asian Mythologies, but correct me in my Temporary Human "Host" Body Form, do the Asian Religions have Angels, or only just Demons and Devils in their [Mythologies] and Lore and Fairy Tales as Fairy Tales: for the (Bible) does have Angels, but besides that INK on Paper Biblical that Mormons, and Islamist, and Jews with their TALMUD all Share, what other Religions from Babylon to Sumeria from India to Native Americans have these "Angels" as Protectors of we HUMANS host bodies for Angels and Demons whence the Book of Gilgamesh: does prove DEMONS used too be protectors of Our God's Creation….

REMEMBER we used to call (STARS) angels and demons in the heavens long before what you born after 2001 AD / CE now call all of these Angels and Demons "Stars" in the Night Sky....

Seeing the 8 year old Light Skin "Girls" dance in jagged aggression in 2013, and now it is legal to look at {8 year old girls} on INTERNATIONAL RAPE PORN websites of Bestiality and much darker things, could it be the [Angels] were always the Monsters just like Lucifer, and the Demons were always we the Romantic Warriors known as (Humans) being Possessed and Oppressed by these Angels to this very hour that THEY LIVE are not of God, but of our Fellow Mankind these MALES in their Suits and Ties and Religious Skirts…

Looking at Asians and Africans and Dark Skin "Latino" too Pakistani to Saudi Arabians, all have the {Light Skin} in the Palm of their Hands and on the Soles of their Feet be they male and female, just like Dark Skins in India, but the [BLACK HAIR] of all these {BLACK HAIR POPULATIONS} from Made in China: with CRISPER "invetro" EUGENICS Laboratory Made Futurist from the FUTURE of 2045 and 2077 after the Mud Flood Wars in past TIME LINES do these (Asians) BLACK HAIR POPULATIONS have a Answer as to what happened to their Blue and Green Eyes.?.?.?, and their Blond and Red Hair Populations???, and do these Asians Blame Demons or {Angels of Light} the Stars in the Night Sky for their woes here and now in 2022.?.?.?

#MistyBlue ? and #BlackCherry ?

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The One And Only
The One And Only 4 months ago

Firstly, I want to thank you for your comment, it is definitely insightful. I heard bits and pieces of things that you have mentioned here and there, but it is obvious that you know a whole lot more about those type of things than I do. I have a strong suggestion to you and that suggestion is to make a video where You can express your knowledge. It looks like you have a lot of knowledge in your mind and a lot to offer to a human society. Make a video and explain everything that you just told me in a comment, using your voice.

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