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People are not dying from C0V!D - it's Depopulation agenda

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 336 Views
Published on 06 Dec 2021 / In Health

People are not dying from C0V!D - it's Depopulation agenda

Owned by cabal BAD pharma runs depopulation of the world population using NOT existing “virus” as a cover.

The vax DOES work! it is doing what they intended it to do KILL
people.the "vax" is the "virus"......... "virus" DO NOT exist you DO NOT
get Cov-Aids unless you get the Jab wake up people

You can let go of fear right now by understanding that there are no
viruses. Viruses do not exist. You also do not have an "immune
system". You have bacteria, enzymes, and white blood cells that clean
up your toxic blood. There are no contagions. There is only poisoning.
Wake the fuck up. - moonshadow1969

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proudusagirl01 2 months ago

There Are Now 365 Studies that Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19. Any hospital administrator who mandated the shots to employees to comply with the government mandate for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and who refused to allow alternative treatments to be tried, doctors who pushed their patients to take the EUA drug without giving fully informed consent, anyone who forcefully administered the shot, the AMA, AAP, Boards of Health, CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, scientists who participated in the development, Big Pharma (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Astra Zeneca,, anyone who pushed the sick into nursing homes resulting in deaths, all must be arrested, prosecuted, tried and if found guilty sentenced to prolonged imprisonment and fines or death for intentional homicide. Get your ivermectin before it is too late!

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Gates is richest Freemason frontman to take the blame for Mystery School genocide:

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