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Pelosi Still Nuts - Maverick Party

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Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

Pelosi announces bill on 25th Amendment after questioning Trump's health

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday announced legislation to create a commission that would allow Congress to oust a president from office, using the 25th Amendment, a day after she accused President Trump of being "in an altered state" from his coronavirus treatment.

"This is not about President Trump," Pelosi maintained Friday. "He will face the judgment of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents


Total Disgrace: We Know Why Pelosi and Schumer Are Dragging Their Feet on a COVID Relief Bill

Go to hell. That’s what should be said to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chucky Schumer. Congressional Democrats have always dragged their feet on coronavirus relief. It’s never been a smooth process. Democrats delay, delay, and delay and then agree to pass virtually what Republicans had proposed in the first place. We all know this game, except it’s an election year—and Election Day is rapidly approaching. The Democratic Party is beholden to a base where working with Trump on anything is verboten. It could be for AIDS research and Democrats who would back that hypothetical initiative would probably find themselves being primaried.


Pelosi Goes Nuts & Accuses Wolf Blitzer, CNN Colleagues Of Being Apologists For The Republicans

Nancy Pelosi accused CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer of being “an apologist for the Republican position” during a shocking interview in which she grew visibly irritated with Wolf Blitzer’s questions.


Maverick party still embraces Wexit goal of a better deal for Alberta

The newly rebranded Maverick Party wants to advocate for those in Western Canada at the federal level, and isn’t afraid to push for separation to form a new country.

The party formerly known as Wexit Canada changed its name to Maverick last week after consulting with members, the party’s president, Travis Olson, told Daily Hive.

“It means a free and independent thinker. People that aren’t just okay with going along with the status quo,” he said.


Wexit’s morph into the Maverick Party a big missed opportunity

On September 17th, Wexit Canada leader Jay Hill announced that they were jettisoning their catchy portmanteau, and had registered a new name with Elections Canada. Wexit Canada is now the Maverick Party.

The new name immediately became fodder for satirists, who drew comparison to the popular Tom Cruise character in the 1986 blockbuster action-drama “Top Gun”. Hill denied any intentional connection.

“Maverick” seems an odd name for a party, considering the definition of the word, “an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party” (Merriam Webster), and could be interpreted as conceptual confusion. Certainly, it does not convey any particular political orientation.


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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Its not a Hangover, it is called Dehydrated BRAIN Syndrome

Why is it OLD People are [allowed] @QBALL /_\ too tell we The Young People to go kill one another in their U.N. FLAGS “Security Council” WAR GAMES known as WAR IS MURDER.?.?.? It is said the OLDER you Get’ the More Wisdom you shall have???, and yet Our OLD MEN, and even Old Wombmen say: I gave Birth to you, now go kill “other” Young People Born of their Wombmen, and we will Put Pieces of Cloth with Coloured Speckles and “Metals” called MEDALS on your COSTUMES known as these Halloween MILITARY UNIFORMS that Celebrates Death and Murder, and that shall prove to your Friends, your Wives and Husbands, and even your “Children” that you Murder People for living, and you Get Paid by the Taxes of {We The People} too go kill, and rape, and destroy our Lands cause the OLD PEOPLE say: You young people were only Born, so we could Send you off to WAR too kill, and Murder, other children “we raised” too HATE your FLAG just as much as WE “Old” People taught you Children too HATE their flag…

It gets even better though` cause by the time you are 23……., you will be told by these TV SCREENS that your Flesh, and Blood, and Bones [matters more] then Their Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, and OUR OLD People scream!!! Kill for the FLAG!!!! Murder “Humans” for our Stripes, and Colours of Gold and Silver!!!!!, and we will plunder the (We The People) with our Big Macs and Whoppers, and from Pepsi to Coca-Cola We kill for “PizzaHUT” and Taco Macs in our Barracks!!! After all……, the OLD PEOPLE know way better then {we the Youth} whom will surely die, and be maimed, and stuck with Memories and “Remembrances” of the Atrocities we have done to our Fellow Humans be these People Young too Old, Dark too Light skin, too all them {BLACK HAIR ONLY} People are always thrown away in all WARS and kept in Poverty: only because they have BROWN EYES while we the Chosen People “Only” have BLUE EYES…

Look at your missing leg my 33 year old man….., and my 42 year old wombman…., and do remember the Day Your OLD PEOPLE and [Your Flag] said: Go kill for the Tax Paying Citizens of this Nation as we leave all Veterans too Die homeless and “alone” in the Inner Cities, and Small Towns all over this U.N. TV Show known as the {NEWS} World Order where you (The Child) [{**}] had not one say in the LAWS we the Tax Paying “FLAG” People do so pay??? Then you are told you ELECT the Old People of your “U.N. FLAGS” so they can live off your Welfare…., and Charity known as Church to Temple to Religious Donations called GOVERNMENT Egregious “Forced” VOLUNTEER Labor as our LEADERS live like Gods…, and Goddesses as FREE MASON Lodge Members while we The [lower level] FREE MASON “Kids” all kill.., and die for them.?.?.?.?

Now it might sound way too SIMPLISTIC for your “Simple Minds” too know that the Earth is FLAT., and that we live inside a Celestial Sphere called Purgatory…….., and though WE THE PEOPLE have many Material Machines called “Automation” Interfaces of Mechanization Technology called A.I., and there is a TV Screen in every ones bed room (watching you) day and night just like them Books of A BRAVE NEW WORLD of 1984 that says: Take your Pills……..., and go kill more Humans for we the nonhumans from the {Other Side} of this FLAT EARTH where the Spiritual War of Christ Jesus that was Paul The Apostate on the Run: after we his Disciples “saved him” from the Crucifixion Cross showed in every CODE of the NEW TESTAMENT Bible that the Old “do not care” about we the Young, for all they want to do is Prance on the Stages as our Masters, our Presidents, and our Elected Wise and All Powerful Leadership!!!

Johnny Exodice


Do you my young “person” in any Police or Military of these U.N. FLAGS know why you are Ordered too kill, and Kidnap, and Rape WE ARE Your [Fellow] Human Beings???? Cause your U.N. FLAGS are all Property Deeds from these things called “Incubus” and Succubus from the Other Side of The FLAT EARTH: that destroyed our World in 1855, and raised our parents on “Dime Store” NOVELS CALLED (covid19) The Fantasist Corona Beer “Bat Snake” Kobe Burger of these [TV Screens] where back in the 1900’s Printed Material was used to LIE and Do Malfeasance on such A Scale that one Day ALL TOWNS and all “Nations” would Do WAR IS MURDER, so Nuclear Bombs would Drop down upon us all just as happened in JAPAN during the End of the Last “MUD FLOOD” WARS in our Flat Earth Home World Celestial Sphere of Purgatory…


The Society of nonmason~


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