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Patriots at FEMA, Trust The Plan: The Sean Morgan Report 1/15/21

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Published on 15 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

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Maybe that crazy conspiracy theory Qanon was on to something?

Yesterday Mike Adams of Brighteon.com released an update comparing the analysis from

Steve Pieczenik
Simon Parks
Juan O Savin
Gen Flynn
Lin Wood
Scott Kesterson of Bards.FM
Robert David Steele

Its an hour long podcast, so if you don't want to listen to the whole thing, here is an automated transcript of the juicy part:


Steve Pieczenik says we're in an active military coup. Yeah, it turns out it turns out the United States of America is not under civilian authority right now, because of the declared states of national emergency and a transition of power to none other than FEMA. And FEMA is currently run by an individual who is a former United States Marine and the name this is gonna get interesting in the name of this man is Pete Gaynor, who was put in place at the head of FEMA on January 14 2020. He was put in place essentially by Trump but then confirmed by the Senate. Now, if you go to the profile page on FEMA, about Pete Gaynor, here's what it says practice To his experience as an emergency manager gainer, served 26 years as an enlisted marine and infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. During his tenure tenure in the Marines, he was assigned as the executive officer responsible for the security of presidential retreat Camp David assigned as the head of plans, policy and operations at the headquarters Marine Corps during the September 11 2001 attacks, deployed in support of Iraqi Freedom and the first Marine Expeditionary Force, where he coordinated combat operations in the Al Anbar province of Iraq for multinational and marine forces. Okay, you got all that. And then since then he's worked in government, Maryland, and other places handling all these disasters. So he's the guy in charge of FEMA.

What Scott Kesterson of Bards.FM mentioned in his excellent analysis, is that FEMA, the primary role of FEMA, in big emergencies is actually continuity of government operations. FEMA is empowered to step in and run a country when it has collapsed when there is no civilian authority that is functioning. For example, no functioning judicial system, like we have right now. No functioning judicial system, FEMA can actually set up its own courts. FEMA can set up its own executive officers, its own departments, its own enforcement, even its own prisons. And what's fascinating about this is that FEMA has been Of course, you know, vilified and warned about by patriots for many, many years because under Bush and Obama patriots were concerned about FEMA camps being death camps and, and there, there is very credible information that FEMA camps were being set up to be death camps under Democrats. It all depends on who's running the things you see.

But under Pete Gaynor, FEMA is a continuity of government operation that has just been activated by Trump in an executive order that we covered I think two days ago. FEMA has been activated, especially on the east coast. Pete Gainer is a combat veteran, an expert in infantry combat, remember expeditionary first Marine Expeditionary Forces, he coordinated combat operations in the Al Anbar Province for multinational and marine forces. So he's, he's used to working with United States Marines, United States Marines report directly to the President. That's right. And they're loyal to the president, President Trump. And United States Marines are mostly patriots. Now in addition to putting Pete Gaynor in place, President Trump also put Chris Miller in place at the do D. And I ask you this question, in the absence of a functioning civilian government, or in the middle of a declared national emergency, which is exactly where we have been since September 12 of 2018. Due to Trump's executive order at that time. So in the absence of a civilian government, who runs the country who runs America? The answer is it's combination of FEMA and the military. So the head of FEMA is Pete Gaynor, the head of the military is Chris Miller, both put in place by Trump.

What do you see coalescing around Washington DC right now? FEMA operations, FEMA tents, FEMA vehicles, FEMA personnel, and also National Guard personnel that are about to be federalize once the insurrection act is unveiled, which I believe has already been signed. So in one fell swoop. Given that events unfold here, according to this theory, Washington DC is going to be under the control of not Trump, but under the control of a contingency government with military authority. In other words, the combination between the United States military and FEMA, and this is what Steve P had said. And you had to listen closely to catch this on infowars. Yesterday, Steve P said we are in an active military coup. But it's a coup to restore the Republic. It's a coup against the illegal civilian false

Now then people like Robert David Steele, and Simon Parkes and Juan O Savin, who tend to be in that kind of the same circle there. They say that no one will be inaugurated on January 20. Or I've heard various versions say that if Biden is inaugurated, then he will be removed or his inauguration is fake, and won't count. But in any case, I think Juan O Savin is saying no one will be inaugurated on the 20th. Because we will be under military authority at that time temporarily, for a couple of months. And during those couple of months. The Washington DC has to be protected against the radical left, and their attempted color revolution.

And this is why we have the 20,000 troops in the DC area. And this is why we have FEMA, setting up emergency tents. And this is why Trump signed the FEMA executive order that talked about some big coming event that was going to cause harm to the public at large. Or some similar phrasings remember that in the FEMA, that's the FEMA order that was signed by Trump for the Washington DC area, and that Trump's people actually allowed all of this to be put in place by allowing a siege to take place at the Capitol. You know, the Capitol building on January 6, which caused the left wing media and the democrats to demand well, military protection for the capital. So the military tech protection comes in. It's actually the military coming in, because the military is going to carry out a coup against the fake President Biden, on or around January 20, according to this analysis, according to this theory. And perhaps this is why Lin Wood is confident that Trump's going to be president or perhaps this is why General Flynn is confident.

The situation you've created is if you get everybody there for the Biden inauguration, you have all the treasonous criminals all in one place. Literally surrounded by the military. And then the order is given. Just go arrest these people. At least that's that's how the theory goes.

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awakened 1 month ago

I've been following Q since the beginning, and everything has happened that Q said would.

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trezzsc 2 months ago

Where can we find your newsletter mentioned????

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Caligrown 2 months ago


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Smaurer 2 months ago

So if we’re “silent running” (which I get) why are people like Juan o’savin, Charlie ward and Simon parkes giving up so much info?

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Rbullerman 2 months ago

How do I get your news letter?

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Caligrown 2 months ago


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