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PART2 Two Presidents Power Grid Risk. B2T Show Feb 18, 2021 (IS).mp4

Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Two Presidents? Power Grid Risk.
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gang 15 days ago


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Englishelley 15 days ago

I didn't know what I was clicking onto as such , but I saw your little face bottom right and thought "what's he doing down there?". Then I realised 'he' thats you, was much younger and better looking ?. Can't recall his real name (I don't bother to take note when it's a character you like not the actor as such...no actor worshipping for me). Anyway! I don't know if Americans were ever familiar with the 80's English comedy series Fools and Horses! (You don't know what you've missed! Good English Comedy at its best...I've no idea who put Benny Hill as a British Comedy Classic! It wasn't funny and what was classed as humour was obvious slap stick at the expense of females) Ive stepped off my soap box, come down from my high horse! ?. So the character I (at a brief glance before my eyes came into proper focus and you didn't speak with a cockney accent!). Was/is known as Del Boy! Derek Trotter (Trotters Independent Traders TIT) in his yellow 3 wheeler Reliant Robin. If you've never seen it you must! I shall put my serious head on and watch your video. Thank you! ?.

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bookshop 16 days ago

deep fake robinette and deep robinet

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