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Paranoid (Black Sabbath) • Drum Cover

TwoFeather - 127 Views
Published on 02 Jun 2023 / In Music

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All Audio and Video production by Nils Neumann. He has the most amazing huge productions on his channel. Check it out, it will be worth your time, I promise:

"Everyone can play covers, how about you start doing some music on your own?" This is what I read quite a lot in my comments. Unfortunately, my original music never gets as many views as my covers (because no-one looks for it because not a lot of people know that it exists...) but I brought out three original albums over the last few years. All the music is available for free on YouTube and also streamable on all bigger streaming platforms. Look out for "Sina Chi Might" to have a listen or click the link below to find a YouTube playlist with all songs made for the Chi Might Project:

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Beyerdynamic microphones TG I51, TG D58c, TG D57c, MC930, and headphones (DT 770 M)

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