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Operating in the Spirit Realm: Supernatural Intervention

Resurrection Life of Jesus Church
Published on 18 Mar 2023 / In Spiritual

We live in a physical world and most people never think about the existence of a spiritual dimension. But the reality is that God and his holy angels live in the spiritual realm as do Satan and his fallen angels.

When it comes to the physical world, nothing happens unless it has been sanctioned by God. The birth of Jesus was one such event when the Son of God with holy angels crossed over into our physical dimension. This intervention did not go unnoticed by Satan and his demonic forces and they too crossed over, slugging it out on earth and using mankind as an intermediary.

The problem for the people involved 2,000 years ago was that they did not have full knowledge of the spiritual conflict that was being played out in the land of Israel but the modern church is ignorant of the matter as well.

God wants us to be active in the spirit world through the power of the Holy Spirit to counter the evil works of the Devil. The spirit realm is not a fantasy; it is just as real as our physical world and God wants us to operate in both dimensions.
Sermon Outline:

Operating in the Spirit Realm
Part 1: Supernatural Intervention
RLJ-1430 -- FEBRUARY 9, 2014

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