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One Hour of Mexican Nationalist Music

FalangeBall - 170 Views
Published on 23 Oct 2021 / In Music

-First Mexican Empire's Songs-
0:00 Veni, Creator (Come, Creator)
3:03 Te Deum (Lord God Eternal)

-Second Mexican Empire's Songs-
7:57 Mexicanos, la Santa Bandera (Mexicans, the Holy Flag)
11:17 Marcha al Emperador Maximiliano (Emperor Maximilian March)
13:36 Himno al General Miguel Miramón (Anthem to the General Miguel Miramón)
17:00 La Paloma (The Dove)
21:24 Adiós, Mamá Carlota (Goodbye, Mother Carlota)
23:17 El Sitio de Querétaro (The Querétaro's Site)
26:40 Marcha Fúnebre (Funeral March)

-Songs about Porfirio Díaz-
32:00 Corrido al General Porfirio Díaz (General Porfirio Díaz Song)
35:14 Marcha a Porfirio Díaz (Porfirio Díaz March)

-Cristero Songs-
39:56 ¡Viva Cristo Rey! (Long Live Christ the King!)
43:00 El Martes Me Fusilan (On Tuesday They Will Shoot Me)
47:03 ¡Adelante, Milicias de Cristo! (Forward, Christ Militias!)
50:07 Himno Guadalupano (Guadalupan Hymn)

-Synarchist Songs-
54:35 Fé, Sangre, Victoria (Faith, Blood, Victory)
56:34 Brigadas Sinarquistas (Synarchist Brigades)
1:00:21 Corrido Obrerista (Worker's Song)
1:03:30 Mañanitas Sinarquistas (Synarchist Mañanitas)

-Assorted Nationalist Songs-
1:06:16 Bandera en Alto (Raise the Flag)
1:08:56 La Marcha de Zacatecas (The Zacatecas March)
1:13:45 La Marcha Dragona (The Dragon March)
1:16:32 ¡Oh, Santa Bandera! (Oh, Holy Flag!)
1:20:19 El Mañana Nos Pertenece (Tomorrow Belongs to Us)

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Turkish Comrade
Turkish Comrade 1 month ago

Where is the Mexican Version of Giovinezza?

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FalangeBall 1 month ago

I ended up finding out a long time ago that it's not Mexican, it's Venezuelan. I'll make a new video of my compilation of different versions of Giovinezza btw

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