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Old Worlds, Mother Boards and much more w/ Steve JMO & TTS69

michael davino
michael davino - 87 Views
Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Teacher…, can you explain how FREE MASON used PROJECT BLUE BEAM the Television of Tell-Ah- Veev……., as a Weapon on we {The REAL JEWS} +=+ from the Book of Revelation.?.?.? Here is what you need too know my “nonmason” Populations about CODE + Magic + Alchemy = Sorcery… First, what is the CODE of the TV [Personality] / * \ be it Donald J. Trump to Joe Biden to Putin, and Emperor XI of MADE IN CHINA, and his Book of Revelation RED Dragon “Merchant Ships” of the Continuing British FLAG Empire, and its Vatican ROMAN Catholic “World Bank” known as these Jesuit Zionist FREE MASON ROMAN Catholics….., and their “U.N. Troops” in our police and military known as PEACEKEEPERS the World Police on this side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere called: the [U.S.of A.] [{**}] MILITARY U.N. EMPIRE??? What the MASONS do in TV is that everything in every nation be it {IRAN to ISRAEL} [{*}] is they all agree to lie about the MOON LANDINGS that “never” happened in our Mother Heaven the DOME OF THE ROCK!!! Moreover, as this Corona BAT SNAKE COVID19 has turned out to be [nothing more] /-\ then POLLUTION and Toxic Waste in our “Blood Streams” from all the Cosmetics…., and Make Up we wear as The JOKER did too BAT MAN in that old 1990’s remake of the Dark Night as our {Dark Winter} Approaches where Christ Jesus 1.0 said: Pray these things DO NOT HAPPEN IN WINTER meaning these MUD FLOOD WARS have happened in the past……., and we the “nonmason” HUMAN populations did fair better in Warm WEATHER rather then COLD FREEZING “Wreaths” where NOTHING can grow as Autumn comes to an end in this CONJUNCTURE of Pluto – Jupiter – Saturn……..., and if you would but STUDY the Greek and Roman Lore…, and Mythology on PLUTO – JUPITER – SATURN.., you would not wait for these [U.N. TROOPS] in all U.N. Flags Military., and Police too come “kill you” as PATRIOT QANON [Masonionic] PizzaGATE CITIZENS of your “individual” Autonomous Ravisher STATES FLAGS!!! That spoken my people of Pak-Toe: here is how the RACKA Seduce and Mesmerize you with Their {TV Series} where each [Caricature] Qball~ /_\ you find “connection” just as I am now on Season 1 Episode 9 of [TIME TRAX]………, and the Hero is a LONER just as I am in our RAG TAG Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, but just know this, every MOVIE STAR be it your {TV} Political Leadership to your {TV} and Radio RELIGIONS leadership [Personalities] too all these MASONS of and for Bollywood to Hollywood MADE IN CHINA Toys and “Memorabilia” that you have so bought, you only bought that Collectors CRAP cause you {Fell in love} with the Illusion of Obe-wan-kenobe to these REALITY SHOWS of Paris Hilton and the “Kardashians” where as you WATCH them Day after Day after Day: You’m my nonmason Human Person are put into a TRANCE of I must be like them!!!!!!!!!!! I must buy their shit, so I can [dress like them] from Michael Jordan to DEAD DEAD DEAD (Kobe Burger) Corona Beer BAT SNAKE BRYANT!!! where “Miley Cyrus” wears the #23 too make you buy {this illusions} and her delusions, and this is how PROJECT BLUE BEAM of JADE HELM 15 has “seduced” this whole side of FLAT EARTH in our Celestial Sphere: cause you “believe in” their ACTING Skill as CASTS and Crews on these Hollywood to Bollywood TV shows, but these MASONS [don't care] about you my nonmason Populations, THEY LIVE are just “playing you” too feed off of them as you WORSHIP American Idol, and all other such TV Shows of Racka!!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

You can watch all the TV SHOWS from BBC to CNN to FOX and all the rest, but until you [comprehend] Qball~ /_\ YOU ARE A NON-MASON!!!! You will never see these FREE MASON Lodges as the FAKE JEWS from the Book of REVELATION and their {houses of Demons} and Devils in your Churches, Mosk, and Temples too Synagogues as FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka U.N. Troops from the “other side” of our CELESTIAL SPHERE Flat Earth that are Slave “Masters” over we the DEBT SLAVE people whom pay the TAXES and Religious “Donations” that do so too KEEP THEM EMPLOYED!!!!

The Society of nonmason~


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